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5 Reasons Why Mai Chau, Vietnam Attracts Tourists in Christmas & New Year

All four seasons in Mai Chau are beautiful, bringing visitors relaxing and peaceful moments. That’s why this destination has become more and more attractive destination to tourists.

Mai Chau is also the ideal place for you to temporarily forget the bustle and worries of life, to immerse into the chilly air and to welcome an exciting New Year.

The Rustic and Didden Charm Which is Only in Mai Chau

Located not too far from Hanoi, about 3 hour drive, Mai Chau is a vast stretching valley, totally different from the hustle and bustle of life in urban areas. The winter brings the northwest land a dreaming beauty with warm sunshine along with clouds flying gently; you can easily feel the peaceful and quiet winter days.

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Finding an ideal destination has been more and more difficult, because tourism in many places has been so “planned” that there are not many practical experiences for tourists to enjoy a real tourist destination.

Mesmerizing Cold Weather of Mai Chau

Welcoming New Year’s Eve without feeling the cold there will be not much excitement. Mai Chau (Hang Kia) becomes more beautiful, more attractive with the pink of wild peach trees and the pure white plum blossom.

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The winter in Northwest in general and in Mai Chau in particular is a great destination for couples, for being in love souls. In the cold of winter days, cycle together around villages, enjoy hot grilled corns; visit Panorama Bar in gentle tone, drink a sip of wine or simply hold hands tightly couples.

Particular Hot Dishes of Mai Chau Green Land

Apart from beautiful natural sceneries, Mai Chau is also known for its local specialties; if you have once tasted, you will remember forever. You can find delicious dishes from early morning until midnight. Grilled chicken with banana leaves, steamed spring fish, fried bitter bamboo shoots, upland sticky rice, grilled beef with “mac khen” seeds, roasted pig with fresh tea leaves … are special dishes coming into mind of travelers.

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The darker and darker it is, the colder and colder it becomes. Sitting in front of the balcony and taking into the placid valley, you will find that life is peaceful which cannot be realized in urban areas.

Stay at Bungalows of Thai people in Mai Chau

The major inhabitant of Mai Chau is Thai people who still keep their unique tradition and culture for centuries. Visiting Mai Chau, many travelers want to interact and learn about their daily life, habit, foods, etc but have no real chance to do it.

There is a good way for that is to go 20km from Mai Chau to Buoc Village with stay at Mai Chau EcoHome, a new concept of homestay with authentic experience about daily life of Thai minorities.

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Experience Local Life of Thai People, the Major Inhabitants in Mai Chau

Tourist spots at beaches or in cities, you will easily feel joy, play hard without being tired. But in Mai Chau, what makes people love most is the quietness and peace it brings about.

Slow down; follow the winds and sounds of the mountains like those who learn meditation step by step focus to go into their own distant realms, you will then find the peace in your mind. The peace exists around gently, gradually taking off your tiredness, concerns, and worries of life so that the peace can go inside. The peace and tranquility of Mai Chau, that seems to be the most boring thing, turns out to be the most precious thing.

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