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5 Tourist Places with Zipline in Vietnam for Adventurers

Zipline is an adventurous swing originating from a common means of transportation in craggy mountainous regions. This game includes a long cable; one end is connected from the top of the mountain, or the mountainside to generate a relative height, the other end can be at lakeside or on land. Players must wear protective equipments, hung his body on the cable and then slide down from the top. This is an entertaining and risky game but while playing, players can explore nature from flying range of birds. Prices for sliding zipline in Vietnam average from 5$ – 15$, depending on location, terrain and the length of the system.

Where to Experience Zipline in Vietnam?

1. Quang Binh – Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is the most famous for zipline in Vietnam. The line route begins from the western branch of Ho Chi Minh Road and comes into Dark Cave on the other side of Chay River with the length of 400 meters. With the modern form of line swing, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the magnificent mountains and rivers with many different colors. Instead of sailing along the river, zipline will help visitors to admire Chay River on a different perspective, more majestic and beautiful.

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Zipline services here include 2 forms: Zipline for river bathing and Zipline for exploring Dark Cave with specialized equipments. Many young people choose to swing to the middle of the river and enjoy a cool swim, or play games with specialized floats, and kayaking.

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2. Da Nang – Hoa Phu Thanh Resort

Zipline service is quite new in Danang. At Hoa Phu Thanh Resort, adventurous swing game with 2 cables with high safety for travelers has been came into use. Due to large difference, average speed is around 30 meters per second, but due to a relatively short distance, zipline game takes place relatively quickly.

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3. Hue – Hot Spring Area of Alba Thanh Tan

Zipline in Hue is considered the longest free line in Asia, with 45.5 meter high and 560 meter long. Planned by the Alba Thanh Tan hot spring, cable system here begins from the mountain of Ma Yen of Phong Son Commune, takes visitors across green forests and lands near the charming lakeside of the spring.

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Experiencing adventurous zipline here will bring great feelings since you yourself overcome the fear of height; extend your eyesight amidst green and vast mountains. At the same time, you may feel like you are linked wings passing through vast mountains.

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4. Vung Tau – Ho May Resort

According to foreign experts, zipline at Ho May Resort, under the tourism complex of Nui Lon – Nui Nho is considered the most risky, but it features an absolutely safe altitude. Zipline here is over 200 meter long and 500 meter high above sea level. Tourists will have the opportunity to make its way through the canyon, swing on the blue sea and cool winds.

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5. Lam Dong – Madagui National Park

Travelling to Lam Dong, you can try zipline in the forest of Madagui, in the town of Madagui, Da Huoai district, only about 30km from the city center of Bao Loc. With wildlife and pristine nature, experiencing zipline here takes visitors across many rivers, lakes and trees at a height of 40 meters. Especially, sliding schedule here also takes visitors across the risky lake of crocodile which challenges the courage of players. With the length of 1,111 meters, this gliding line will satisfy adventure lovers for the intense emotions and happiness when overcoming their own fears.

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