Awesome Experiences of Hue Travel in Vietnam

What to Do in a Hue Travel ?

Hue Travel offers many interesting things to see and do such as sightseeing by cyclo, visit mausoleum of ancient Kings, enjoy Music on Perfume River and so on.

1. Hue Sightseeing by Cyclo

Hue Travel

For those who visit Thua Thien-Hue for the first time, they should not miss a rare experience. That is travelling by cyclo around the region and enjoying the panoramic view of the city from Truong Tien Bridge. Visitors stroll around the city center to learn about the daily life of the locals. Hue city is not too big and noisy for you to find your way and discover the region.

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Hue City is small, but if walking to visit for a day, maybe you cannot discover all ideal destinations. Travelling by cyclo, you not only soak in the peaceful atmosphere, but also slowly discover each path with ancient beauty through the dust of the past of the city center. The trip will take you to visit the cultural and historical relics such as the Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Dong Ba Market.

Hue Travel 3

Along the way, you can choose to stop at any interesting tourist spot and treat yourself to a little snack with distinctive flavor of this place, such as Hue beef noodle, spring rolls, water fern cake, … You can stop and visit a few old houses selling souvenirs such as bracelets, paintings, Hue-style clothing.

2. Visit Dong Ba Market in Late Autumn Days

Dong Ba is unlike any market in the country. Here, Hue people sell all kinds of items from imported goods to self-produced goods to meet the demand and supply of the market. In a late autumn day, tourists visiting Dong Ba will be surprised by the cleanness of the market which looks like a self-managed supermarket but gives you a feeling of closeness and loveliness.

Hue Travel 4

Dong Ba is a market of small businessmen in Hue, but it is quite bustling and crowded with buyers and sellers. Commodities at Dong Ba market are rich and diverse including seafood, crafts items, clothing, silks, jewelries… For the price, you should not worry because the prices are very reasonable.

Hue Travel 5

It would be regretful if visitors arriving in Hue without trying to sew a ao dai for themselves. Until now, Hue people have always been known in poetry by Hue women wearing ao dai and holding a hat by the Perfume River.

Hue Travel 6

Let’s find an ideal and safe designer to have a nice and cheap ao dai when traveling to Hue. Hue people with gentleness and meticulousness in each needle will satisfy you when getting your ao dai.

3. Hue Street Food Experience – Flavour of Hue Travel

The region is not only famous for its historic relics and harmonious human being or fresh nature but also attracts visitors from all over the world by its famous specialties across three regions. Hue specialties are incredibly diverse and rich, eye-catching not only in form but also enchanted by the special flavor of its own.

If you have traveled through regions of the country or in the world, you will feel each Hue dish so special and only delicious with right favor under the talented hands of chefs here. The most well known dishes throughout the country include beef noodle, Hen rice, rice dumping cakes of Phu Loc village, banh uot of Truoi village, spring rolls, steamed rice pancake with shrimp, Nam Pho soup cakes, …

Hue Travel 7

Hue beef noodle with tasty broth, chewy beef slices melt in the mouth, soft white noodles with pieces of pork leg served with soy and vegetables is listed in top foods of the central region. The next specialty after Hue beef noodle is rice dumping cake with natural sweetness of shrimp and the white, chewy and crunchy shell creating excitement for eaters.

Hue Travel 8

For those who love Hue, they certainly cannot miss che hem with thousands of different types of sweet soups. The sweet soups are lightly sweet and easy to eat. They are not as sweet as those of many other regions. Each dish is not only delicious but also eye-catching in form and gives customers distinct feelings.

4. Explore Lang Co Beach

Experiences at Lang Co beach including flying kites, cycling, sightseeing, making salt with fishermen, or travelling by motorbike to see Hai Van Pass will bring interesting things for tourists. In addition to seas, Lang Co has many majestic mountains and beautiful lagoons. Fishing and casting net in Lang Co Bay attract many people. You have comfortable moments on the white sand of Lang Co beach, enjoy flying kites and watch the clear blue sky. Lang Co is over 70 km from Hue city.

Hue Travel 9

Lang Co is a destination for sea lovers when arriving in Hue. After visiting familiar tombs, you can take your time to discover fascinating things of Lang Co area.

The charming Lang Co with a side of the sea and the other of lagoons and mountains has many places to play. You could get a stunning experience with a motorcycle to pass over Hai Van pass, exploring the most famous landscape. The majestic pass is a well known tourist destination with tourist routes.

From a high altitude, the panorama of Lang Co looks like a picture as the sun sets with the red color on the blue bay.

Hue Travel 10

Ngu Ho Waterfall

Additionally, you can also choose to explore one of the two great tours at Lang Co, Bach Ma National Park which is situated about 30 km from Lang Co. From here, you walk into places like Ngu Ho waterfalls, Do Quyen waterfall, conquer Bach Ma Mount, Vong Hai Dai. Another destination is to hire a local boat and row under the foot of Hai Van Pass, discover the pristine endless waters. A day with full of inspiration comes to a close as the sun sets on the beach.

Hue Travel 11

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park Tour

5. Listen to Hue Music on the Perfume River

Travelling to Hue in the evening, tourists take a boat ride on the Perfume River to hear the sing, which will be a great experience at the end of the day. You can buy tickets to embark on the boat, enjoy the charming sceneries and listen to the sweet and deep Hue voice. Ca Hue is a traditional genre of music of Vietnam. Tourists who participate in the program gather at the Truong Tien Bridge, buy tickets and embark on the Dragon boat for sightseeing on the Perfume River and listen to Hue folk songs.

Hue Travel 12

The ancient town of Hue appears vividly with the colors from the riverbanks which are more magnificent and brilliant than decorative lights. When reaching the middle of the Perfume River, the boat turns off the engine to return the quiet atmosphere and the program is started. The experience on dragon boats brings tourists unique perspectives of the history and culture of Hue. In addition to listening to Hue music and sightseeing, tourists also have chance to experience in the twinkling lights of flower lights floating on the river.

Hue Travel 13

Going to Thua Thien-Hue, tourists not only visit sites but also have chance to know more about the history and culture of the people here. Thua Thien – Hue promises to bring travelers wonderful and unforgettable experiences not only about nature, historical relics, but also about the rich and diverse cuisine of the region.

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