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Bac Son Valley via the Eyes of Vietnamese Backpacker

Before travelling to Bac Son Valley, I just known this destination is a mountainous district of Lang Son Province in the Northeast of Vietnam, which is known for the Bac Son Uprising Museum and some scenic landscapes. But when came to this town, we really did fall in love with this glamorous land at the first sight.

Bac Son Valley – The Green Land on the Earth

Bac Son Valley 4

Departed from Hanoi in early afternoon, we arrived at Quynh Son Commune, the most famous tourist attraction in Bac Son District, after more than 3 hours riding motorbike. On the way from Hanoi to thisrural town, we had chance to observe the grandeur of the nature in Lang Son with layer on layer mountain ranges, endless green forests, curving streams andvast rice fields nearby rustic small villages.

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Upon arrival at Quynh Son, we got into a local homestay that we booked from Hanoi while still being amazed at the wonderful sunset here.

Bac Son Valley

The owner of that stilt house is a Tay elder couple who lived here for their whole life. They were very hospitable when warmly welcome us with friendly smiles. The house was built in traditional style but equipped lots of modern facilities for tourism. After a short break, we enjoyed a local dinner which is skillful prepared by the owners. The meal offered almost traditional dishes including Xoi vo (glutinous rice cooked with split peas), pork, Bo Khai vegetable which is a specialty of Lang Son, and bamboo shoot pickle… The atmosphere of the meal is really homey when the owner enjoyed some local wine together with us and told about interesting stories of the village. After the dinner, all of us had a truly relax time by chatting in the local stilt house before the ending of an astonishing day.

Woke up in the early morning, he had a fascinating opportunity to admire the charming beauty of Bac Son Valley with numerous limestone mountains and lush green forests hidden in the fog. It was absolutely brilliant. Strolling around the small village to enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere here were another highlight in our trip. 

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After having breakfast with some local food like fried cake and local noodle, we started our trek to the highest mountain in Bac Son called Na Lay Mount. Because the weather is not very good for trekking due to the fog and the rain at the previous night, it is quite hard to conquer the Na Lay. After more than an hour climbing, an enchanting view of the area was unfolded for admiring. The panorama is extreme mesmerizing with the perfect combination ofnature and human structures. The majestic mountains surrounded by winding streams and green rice terrace embraced small rustic villages with stilt houses, ancient temples, incredible emerald lakes, and lush green trees. The landscape could be more beautiful in the harvest time in July or November.

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On the top of the mountain, there is a phone-wave tower and a small house of the local guard. He was very kind and friendly when making acquaintance and lent us a ladder to climb up the roof of the house to have a more incredible view. Contemplating and taking share-worthy photo of this picturesque valley from the mountain are truly fascinating experiences in our trip. It took nearly one more hour to trek down the mountain and get back to the homestay at noon.

Bac Son Valley with Staying at Local Homestay is Interesting Experience

Bac Son Valley Homestay

We had another excellent meal in the stilt house and took a short break before the afternoon journey. Bid farewell to the host of the stilt house, we rode our motorbikes around 8 kilometers to the Nong Luc Village Temple, which is a combination of traditional temple style in Red River Delta and the stilt architecture of Tay people in Lang Son. The temple is truly a traditional monument with the ancientness of history and peaceful surrounding area. There is also a hundred-year-old Banyan tree standing near the temple that created a rustic but impressive charm. Thus, it was recognized as a national historical relic which is one of the best tourist attractions in the region.

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Left the ancient village temple behind, we continued reaching a small Tay village located just a few minutes riding from the relic. Strolling around this village, we had chance to learn about the interesting daily life of the locals and their unique customs. They were extremely hospitable when talking to us and giving the directions without any hesitation. It left us an unforgettable expression about simple and kind Tay people in Quynh Son.

Bac Son Valley 5

These journeys would be much more interesting if we took them with bicycles which allow to easier access to local village and stop at some interesting places there.

Bac Son Valley 6

Saying goodbye to the Quynh Son rural town, we rode back to Hanoi. On the way, we had a short stop at Bac Son Uprising Museum where is displaying the witness of Bac Son Uprising taken place in 1940. This historical relic is situated right next to the 1B highway in Long Hung Village, Long Dong Commune, Bac Son District. Beside showroom for the witness of the war, the museum also exhibited the antiquities of Bac Son Culture and important achievements of building and protecting the country over the Bac Son anti-French and anti-American periods from 1975. Walk around the museum’s campus, we had chance to discover a traditional stilt house where Bac Son soldiers are worshipped as well as learn about their brave and sacrifices for the independence of Vietnam. Currently, the entrance fee to this museum is free for everyone.

Bac Son Valley 7

After 1 hour visiting Bac Son Uprising Museum, we continued moving back to Hanoi with around 3 hours riding. Along the route,we one more time had chance to enjoy the breathtaking landscape that the Mother Nature bestowed on Lang Son Province. Upon arriving at Hanoi, most of us still felt the emotions of being mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of Bac Son Valley as well as the friendliness of the natives. We will surely come back to Bac Son soon to deeply discover this fascinating land.

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