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Best Dive Destinations in the Philippines

Apo Island

Apo Island is not only home to some of the best diving in the Philippines, but also ranked top 100 ideal diving spot in the world thanks to fantastic year round visibility (smooth sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea water), stunning healthy soft and hard corals, schools of fish, turtles, etc. Therefore, the local authorities have attempted to make the island become a famous sightseeing destination to attract tourists within and outside the Philippine. In addition to scuba diving, visitors can make a visit to the Reserve on Apo Island to understand the living habits and habitats of exotic sea creatures.

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Honda Bay If you are those who are engrossed with sea admiration and exploration, especially scuba diving, you should definitely give the following destinations a try. They promise to bring you « one – of – all – kind » experience in your life.

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park

In the Sulu Sea, the Philippines – at the geographic center of world marine biodiversity – lies an underwater nature reserve, which was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the hottest meccas for scuba divers. 

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Spreading across an area of 97,030 – hectare Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Palawan, the westernmost Philippine province, located 150km southeast of Puerto Princesa City, at the heart of the Coral Triangle, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is the inhabitant of t is home to more than 600 species of fish, 360 species of coral, 11 species of shark and 13 species of whale. Get there, tourists definitely explore and enjoy the charming scenery at the bottom of the. The marine park does not own great sightseeing but also plays an essential role in preserving and conserving rare marine species.

Only 45 minutes from the city proper is the fishing village of Honda Bay, your gateway to the crystal emerald – bluer waters and wonderful island of the bay area. Being naturally favored smooth sandy beaches, the bay has been attracting a significant number of visitors who love indulging themselves into the turquoise blue sea water and tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, tourists definitely see some of the islands floating at the middle of the blue sea when standing at the bay. Another feature of Honda Bay is the diverse marine biology. However, the prices of all services at the bay are remarkably higher than other dive sites in Philippines.

Malapascua Island

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The prominent feature of Malapascua Island, Cebu that helps it capture the attention of tourists is sharks of unique shapes which they have never seen before. Noticeably, visitors have to wait patiently at Monad shoal at the main island to have a chance to see them. This is the inhabit of these sharks, in which they swim in the afternoon. Additionally, tourists might enjoy other distinctive creatures. Because this chance is not for anyone, so you definitely have unforgettable moments and experiences during your trip to this amazing island.

Puerto Galera Town

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Being known as a popular coastal town in the Mindoro province, Puerto Galera has been attracting a large number of visitors to the Philippines thanks to the cool and fresh atmosphere. The town is currently offering a series of restaurants, hotels, and resorts are scattering throughout the town. The most favorite activity that is highly recommended and complimented when visiting Puerto Galera town is scuba diving. To satisfy the needs of divers, the town provides them with more than 40 scuba-diving locations available for all levels, from beginner to professional divers. Additionally, the town is attractive with numerous kinds of colorful fish and eyes – catching coral reefs. It’s worth mentioning that, the stunning sunset in the late afternoon is also a « must – try » experience when staying in the town. It promises to satisfy your sense of beauty as well as « thirst » of admiration.

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