bolaven plateau

Bolaven Plateau – Paradise of Spectacular Natural Falls

As an elevated area in the South of Laos, Bolaven Plateau is the magnificent place among Lao destinations. It is located in an old volcano and famous for the stunning natural sceneries with numerous waterfalls, lush plantations, farms and local markets. Besides, Bolaven Plateau is also the best place to discover distinctive culture of various ethnic minorities and relax in the peaceful landscapes.

bolaven plateau

General information about Bolaven Plateau

Most of the plateau belongs to the Province of Champasak while the edges of the plateau belong to Sekong and Attapeu Provinces.

The ethnic minorities in Bolaven Plateau include the majority of Laven ethnic group and other Mon-Khmer ethnic groups such as the Alak, Katu, Taoy, and Suay. All of them make the variety of culture and custom among the minority groups in the area of plateau.

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The Bolaven Plateau had a great important role in the long – lasting history of Laos throughout the 3 significant historical periods regarding to the French colonization, the Phu Mi Bun Revolt, and the Indochina War. They had great influence on the plateau that made it as the unique and important place in Laos.

Things to do and see in the Bolaven Plateau

Tat Fan Waterfall: It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole country of Laos and the tallest waterfall in Laos, featuring with vertical cliff and the water dropping about 120m. If you are fit enough, let’s take a guided hike to the top of the charming falls, where you can see the two streams of Huay Bang Lieng racing towards to the edge of cliff before tumbling down craggy rocks.

The Tad Lo Waterfall: About 58 miles from North – East of Pakse, Tad Lo is the favorite place for many visitors thanks to the fertile vegetation around the waterfall, although it has no the powerful cascades which plummet over the cliff top, just drop only a few meters in falling itself.

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Tat Yuang Waterfall: It is called Tad Yuang and highlighted with the impressive twin waterfall falling 40m down into the lush jungle. This is the popular place for day – trippers from Pakse and Thailand, especially for picnic trip at the top. Swimming at the bottom is also very excellent in the cool water.

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Thateng Integrated Organic Farm: you can stop at this farm for a meal, fresh juice, tea and coffee or farm tour on the way between Paksong and Thateng.

Tea and coffee plantations: Owning countless lush and aromatic tea and coffee plantations, one of them are public opened to visitors. Take a wandering through the crops and have a cup of tea or coffee are also the best experiences during your stays.

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Ethnic villages: Pay a visit to some interesting villages, which give you the deep understanding about the different cultures and customs of hill tribes including traditional houses, hand – made crafts and musical instruments, etc. Some of the villages you can refer such as Alak, Katu and Suay villages along with colorful markets.

How to get to Bolaven Plateau

• Private vehicles and public transportations are available. You can hire a car with driver or not or motorbike from Pakse town to get there.
• Pakse is the main gateway to get to Bolaven Plateau. From here, you can have a great opportunity to visit some impressive places such as the ancient Khmer-style ruins of Wat / Vat Phu.

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