The Charm of Ghenh Rang – Quy Nhon

Located about 3 km from the center of Quy Nhon City to the southeast, Ghenh Rang (Vietnamese name is Ghềnh Ráng) is one of the most scenic sites of the province of Binh Dinh. The Charm of Ghenh Rang- Quy Nhon – Vietnam.


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Travelling to Ghenh Rang, visitors are not only immersed in the poetic but no less spectacular space of the sea – mountains in the coastal area with Thi Nhan (Poet) Hill, Hoang Hau (Queen) Beach, Vong Phu (Waiting for the Husband) Isle, Tien Sa beach … but also attracted by the fact that this is the mark of a lifetime’s career of the talented but poor fate poet- Han Mac Tu.

Ghenh Rang covers an area of nearly 35 ha, and is a complex of mountains of Xuan Van plaster. At the foot of the reef, there are white sand stretches, clear blue sea, beautiful charming scenery, cool climate. From Ghenh Rang, visitors can nearly see the complete vivid beauty of the coastal city of Quy Nhon.

The Charm of Ghenh Rang- Quy Nhon

Ghenh Rang is one of the most mighty landscape in Vietnam

In 1991, Ghenh Rang was ranked as national monument by the Ministry of Culture – Information. Coming to Ghenh Rang, visitors will be immersed in the space of the legendary stories.

Hoang Hau (Queen) Beach has clean, blue and cool water, relatively calm wave because the beach is surrounded and shielded quite discreetly by two natural stone walls. The scenery is beautiful, gentle and lovely as its name. In addition, looking in the distance, we will encounter the rock shaped like a woman facing the sea waiting for her husband. It can be said that the natural scenery in Ghenh Rang is not only exquisitely beautiful but also tinged with an sense of the faithfulness of the wife waiting for her husband, coming to Ghenh Rang, we can also listen to sad but beautiful love stories, see the moon “is drunk” by the moon of Han Mac Tu to be able to feel how beautiful and peaceful the scenery is, and how affectionate the people are.

The Charm of Ghenh Rang- Quy Nhon

Basket boat of the locals in Ghenh Rang beach

Legend has it that, Hoang Hau Beach was where Queen Phuong Nam, the last queen of the Feudalism in Vietnam, selected as her own beach. Since ancient times, the beauty and charm of Ghenh Rang has conquered many people, not only the residents in this land.

Tien Sa beach is considered the “second Nha Trang” of Quy Nhon. This beach attracts visitors with rows of green pine stretching, white sand sparkling in the light of the sun at noon, cool sea breeze… Going to Tien Sa Beach, you will contemplate yourself why this beach has a name bearing the color of fairy tale.

Not only Ghenh Rang attracts tourists with the landscape given by the nature, it also captivates people coming to the land where the talented but poor fate poet Han Mac Tu agonized in the last days of his life and give birth to the immortal poems. Quy Hoa Leprosy village is where Nguyen Trong Tri (real name of the poet Han Mac Tu) worked closely over the time he suffered from leprosy.

The Charm of Ghenh Rang- Quy Nhon

Visit Ghenh Rang and Han Mac Tu tomb

People here often rumor that although Han Mac Tu died but he was not alone. Mong Cam steep and the road leading to Thi Nhan hill will be together forever between immense heaven and earth like the love story of poet Han Mac Tu and Miss Mong Cam. Or, anyone who has ever visited this place can meet the  artist leaving to set up tents next to the tomb of Han Mac Tu to take care of the grave and preserve the soul of Han Mac Tu’s poetry with the ” fire pen ” to satisfy the desire of reciting and collecting documents about Han Mac Tu. He is Dzu Kha, because of being too keen on Han Mac Tu’s poem, this man who is about forty with long hair have abandoned the bustling luxurious urban place to come to the land of Ghenh Rang – Quy Nhon.


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