Diving and Seeing Black Corals in Con Co Island

As one of the few places where own rare black corals, Con Co Island is gradually becoming the ideal destination for those who passionate in exploring the world of oceans.

Con Co is an island district in Quang Tri province, about 30 km from the coast. From Cua Tung beach, visitors can also see green Con Co emerged in a vast sea airspace. According to the scientific literature, Con Co was formed by the volcanic eruption movement. The island has diverse geological structure with both basalt and corals and sand. The island is millions of years old, but it is still called the “Youth” island because Con Co district has just established in October, 2004 with an area of about 2.3 km2.

Con Co Island - A corner of Con Co island

A corner of Con Co island

Although Con Co island not too far from the mainland,  to reach the island, you will have to go by fishing vessels or naval vessels because there is no passenger ships available.

After about 2 hours travelling by boat from Cua Tung or Cua Viet beach, you will come to the island of rare beauty, constructed from millions of years ago by volcanic corruption. Like many other island, Con Co Island has a idyllic unspoiled beauty with the vast primeval forests. Coming here, tourists will be lost in the natural museum of the basalt and the 3 floor rainforest ecosystem on the unique coral shelf.

con co island overviews

Con Co Island overviews

Con Co coral reefs have high coverage, diversity of species and relatively intact only to the island of Phu Quoc (Kien Giang), Con Dao (Ba Ria-Vung Tau) and Hon Mun (Khanh Hoa). Currently, there  are 109 coral species, including many rare ones, but two especially are species are red coral and black coral. The unique beauty, rarity of the mysterious black coral reefs surrounding the islands is like an attractive invitation that visitors who like exploring find it hard to resist.

The coral here is at a depth of 4km or more and gathers in the Southeast coast of the island. Due to the fact that tours and diving services are not very developed, you will have to prepare “tools” before the trip if you want to see the beautiful coral reefs. Black corals are not as much as before and are usually located at depths of over 10 meters. Therefore, with a little diving skills and a little luck, you can admire the “treasure” of Con Co island.

Gravel in Con Co Island

Gravel in Con Co Island

Besides diving to see coral reefs, Con Co is really a suitable destination for tourists who love nature. After moments of getting immersed in the clear blue sea, you can walk for hours exploring green forests without feeling bored. Or simply, you can soak in cool water at the beach with intact wild beauty.

Black coral- the treasure of Con Co

Black coral- the treasure of Con Co

The rocks on Con Co will be interesting destination for those who love photography with  unique beauty thanks to the multitude of round polished stones as huge black pearls, opposite to the smooth white sand beach nearby. In addition, the lighthouse on the island is also an attractive destination, you can talk to the jovial and sociable soldiers on the island.

The lighthouse on the island

The lighthouse on the Con Co island

To stay overnight on the island, apart form home-stay, you can sleep at houses the locals, you can organize camp fires on the beach, which is a very romantic and memorable experience. Campfire is the perfect choice for this scarce of power island.

Note : 

Not only Vietnamese but also overseas visitors can visit Con Co island. However, everyone must carry adequate identification in case of being checked by the authorities.

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