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Dong Cao – A Great Place for Camping

More than 100 km from the capital, Dong Cao Plateau (Bac Giang) will bring you a very new experience. It is a wild, immense and so cool experience.

Dong Cao 1

Dong Cao is a small plateau of Ga village, Thach Son, Son Dong, Bac Giang province. In the mountainous midland of the North, Dong Cao has a clear, cool mountain climate. Coming here, you will feel like a lost in another world, where there is the wild, peaceful of the region of mountain.

Dong Cao 2

Step by step, you will feel like a nomadic, or a strong Digan girl between the hills. Dong Cao is a great check-in place for the young people, especially young backpackers. The sunset on Dong Cao is extremely beautiful because of the red color of the sky, the green of the trees and the wind.

Sitting on the top of the mountain, you can watch the whole image of the sky, the water. You can admire the beauty of the Ga village from above. To Dong Cao, you can comfortably take cool pictures.

Dong Cao 3

Dong Cao is like Mau Son of Bac Giang. The atmosphere, the nature here is extremely wonderful, brings a relaxed feeling when we immerse into nature, dismissing the sadness of life.

The road to Dong Cao is not too difficult, we can go by bus along the Gia Lam (Hanoi) route to Chu (Bac Giang), then continue to go to Son Dong. However, if you can go by motorbike from Hanoi, it is more convenient and shorten the time, there are also many opportunities for sightseeing on the way.

Dong Cao 4

Dong Cao appeared in the late afternoon with wild beauty but also very poetic.

Dong Cao Plateau is a perfect place for a weekend picnic with friends. Enjoying an outdoor BBQ party, setting up a tent, watching the moonlight, etc., will make your weekend more fun.

Dong Cao 5

The poetic landscape of successive hills, bullocks, cows, wandering horses. That is what Dong Cao brings to you, like the life of the nomads and local people.

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