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What to Eat When Travelling to Hanoi at The Weekends?

Let’s have a look at the below tips about what to eat in Hanoi at the weekend. It will help you choose a delicious buffet, enjoy many delicious dishes of Hanoi, and have the opportunity to discover many new dishes with unique taste.

Su Buffet restaurant

Located right on Nguyen Du Street, the buffet restaurant has a gastronomic style that blends harmoniously with European creations and rustic, traditional Asian flavors. At the restaurant, there is a full range of traditional dishes, Asian and European dishes, grills and cakes, especially delicious chocolate treats.

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In addition, there are many delicious dishes such as sushi, American beef, grilled oysters, seafood mushroom soup, Italian fried chicken, grilled octopus, Japanese pancakes, grilled Korean pork, lobster porridge, crab’s egg and seaweed salad, fresh crepes, waffles …

Sen Restaurant

According to the secret of eating and traveling in Hanoi at the weekend, Sen Restaurant is the first and largest buffet restaurant chain in Vietnam. The restaurant is divided into 3 separate zones, in which the International buffet is highlighted with luxurious design style and European cuisine with attractive Western dishes such as smoked salmon, rock lobster, Russian barbecue, sushi, Beijing grilled duck …

The Hanoi buffet area has an ancient and tranquil atmosphere with barbecued seafood, clams, scallops, grilled lobster, grilled lamb chops, grilled beef … The Star Banquet buffet has a varied menu like Australian beef, lamb chops, frog hotpot, goose liver …

La Brasserie restaurant

Coming to La Brasserie restaurant on the first floor of Nikko Hanoi Hotel, guests will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy the freshest seafood. There are various dishes made from lobster, sliced lobster, goose liver, crab, octopus, squid, salmon, oysters, premium ribs …; Especially the Japanese, European and Vietnamese dishes are carefully processed by famous chefs.

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In addition, guests will enjoy free soft drinks, wine and beer. With a capacity of over 80 people, La Brasserie will bring you comfortable space and have a good meal.

Nhat Lau Restaurant

Come to Nhat Lau restaurant to introduce the secret of eating and drinking while traveling in Hanoi on weekends, visitors will enjoy many delicious hot pot with attractive flavor. The most famous dish of the restaurant is hot and spicy hot pot with orange juice, aromatic onion, citron lemongrass, vegetables and dipping dishes with diversified cartilage such as thick ribs, fish, American beef, beef muscle meat, fresh shrimp, clam …

There is also a special hotpot with vegetable soup, stewed bones and 20 kinds of Asian herb served with chicken. Not only serving hot pot, there are also many specialties such as Ha Thanh snail, Ta Hien grilled bird, Nam Dinh spring rolls, fried pig tails …

Dong Son Drum seafood buffet

Dong Son Drum seafood buffet is one of the famous places in the secret of eating and drinking while traveling in Hanoi. The restaurant attracts visitors by the airy space, fresh seafood, a variety of hot pots and enthusiastic staff. Come to Dong Son Drum, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality seafood such as salmon, tuna, herring, comedy, octopus, sea cucumber … with Asian, Japanese and Western dishes. Attractive as Jambon, Australian beef, salted ham, grilled lamb chops, sushi, sashimi …

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In addition, the restaurant also serves visitors 8 favorite hot pot dishes include Japanese hot pot hot pot, hot pot hot pot, hot pot hot pot, hot pot hot pot, hot pot hot pot, hot pot and hot pot.

L’annam seafood buffet restaurant

Located in the heart of Hanoi capital, L’Annam Seafood buffet restaurant is attracted by the elegant design of the ancient French house, the green space and rich seafood cuisine. The restaurant is divided into separate themed food stalls such as countryside, salads, barbeques, Japanese stalls, European counters, desserts.

The food here is selected from reputable sources, so the dishes are naturally sweet like grilled American beef, grilled cheese shrimp, fish with sauce lemon butter… with dozens of fresh delicious sushi.

Sen Viet Buffet Restaurant

Located on the 18th floor of the Sahul Hotel, the buffet restaurant Sen Viet is one of the famous food destinations known by many people. Sen Viet Restaurant serves over 160 dishes distributed in 9 counters with a variety of dishes with different flavors.

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Grills includes many dishes, for example, grilled shrimp over charcoal, snails, blood clam, mackerel …; traditional items include rolls, pancakes, thang noodles, crab noodles, rolls …; specialties include steamed oysters with French wine, grilled oysters, grilled sausages, grilled salmon and lemon sauce. In addition, visitors can enjoy attractive desserts such as yogurt , Ice cream, tea, cakes …

Tokyo Yakiniku Restaurant

Coming to Tokyo Yakiniku restaurant located in Vincom commercial center, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy attractive hot pot buffet and Japanese style. The main menu of the restaurant is grilled dishes with high quality ingredients such as Phan Thiet fried squid with pepper sauce, grilled fish and miso sauce, grilled shrimp, grilled American beef and mustard, American beef and Tare sauce …

Besides, visitors also enjoy the excellent Tokyo cuisine such as Ramen Pork Noodles, Okonomiyaki Pancakes, Chawanmushi Crab Meat, Japanese kimuchi; 20 maki, sushi, sashimi and many other desserts.

At present, Hanoi has appeared many delicious and quality buffet restaurants with European and Asian styles. If you love the buffet, the tips when traveling in Hanoi over the weekend will help visitors have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the delicious food, special with luxurious space in the famous buffet restaurant.

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