Explore Neak Pean – The Unique Artificial Island in Cambodia

Neak Pean means a being wrapped by a snake. It is an artificial island formed in the middle of a large water. The island was built around a snake shape, so it was named a snake island.

The island is round, small area. Right inside the snake’s wrapper are round steps that walk up to a small temple. The whole building was built of stone and special adhesives of Cambodian people at that time. It can be said that the process of designing and building the island of Neak Pean is a process of creativity and express the minds of the people.

The main temple has a square base, moderately elevated and has four similar faces, high temples and pointed like the other temples. From the inside, visitors look out over the lake, which is the artificial island of Neak Pean. In the rainy season, rising water, two snake stalks cover the temple with the head of the throne on the water to make people feel that they are working together to raise the temple, so it is not submerged in water. In the dry season, the dry lake is drained of water so the artificial island of Neak Pean becomes a temple that can visit as other temples.

Neak Pean 1

The temple on artificial island Neak Pean worships Buddha and Bodhisattva. According to the legend of Cambodian Buddhism, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have once transformed into a horse to save the wounded people from a terrible shipwreck in history. So in the temple there is a stone statue of the horse, showing the remembrance and gratitude of the Buddha and bodhisattva have saved the lives of people.

The simple, gentle temperament of the temple radiates a tranquil atmosphere, full of compassion. Visitors are immersed in the story of many legends, the thrill of peaceful emotions that are full of pride of Khmer people.

Neak Pean 2

Neak Pean – a unique work of Cambodia along with the beautiful surrounding landscape has made many visitors attracted when visiting here. If you want to come here, please quickly order cheap air tickets to our Cambodia.

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