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Ghenh Bang – The Primitive Less-Known Destination in Danang

Located about 20km from the downtown, Ghenh Bang is one of the few tourist destinations of Danang that still remain pristine and beautiful landscape.

Ghenh Bang is situated on Son Tra Peninsula, about 20 km from Da Nang center. This is a peaceful place with a coastline of about 2 km, surrounded by numerous small and large rocks and green trees.

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Except for some backpackers, there are not many tourists coming here. That makes the natural landscape almost untouched. Along the 2-km beach, there are thousands of small and large rocks in various shapes, luxuriant trees embracing the rock filed creates an amazing landscape.

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After the large rugged rocks, a long beach with blue sea, white sand and shady coconut trees under the golden sunshine. Ghenh Bang looks rustic and wild with some little small stalls, tents, fishing rods and bait, a few dozen diving glasses of the locals to serve discoverers who are interested in coral reefs right at the waterfront.

You should try snorkelling experience with homemade glass hired from the stalls on the beach. However, make sure you have a good swimming ability. In addition, a hobby to relieve stress is fishing in Ghenh Bang. You can both relax and have something to treat your friends!

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Ghenh Bang in Da Nang is located on Bai But (But Beach) and Bai Che (Che Beach). This is a narrow beach, connected to the Ghenh Rang beach. The path down to the beach is quite steep and you have to cross through the hills full of luxuriant leafy vines.

It’s not a simple matter to explore this place. Firstly you have to go beyond the reef on the water, and then conquer the underground battlefield scattered with the oysters.

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Perhaps it is because of the separation of rocks or service minimalist, this place remains untouched despite it’s not so far from Danang – one of the most popular tourist centres in the country. And perhaps so that Ghenh Bang becomes so attractive for ones who love unspoiled and rustic beauty.

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