Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar 1

The Most Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is known as the sacred land of Buddhism, where there are many famous golden temples, where simple but simple people live a peaceful life in peaceful land and also a place for tourists to find. On the peace, away from the city of luxury, noisy, crowded crowded.

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Located in the heart of Yangon, the glittering tower of the shape of a huge exclamation point is the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar 1

You can see this temple in any location in the city because the temple is made of gold and white marble, which is very brilliant. This temple is said to be the most sacred of all Buddhist sites in Myanmar. A quite contrast is that in the midst of a crowded, modern city, there is a large, ancient, meditative temple suitable for those who seek tranquility and quietness in a crowded city. .

2. Inle Lake

An enormous world, Myanmar’s Inle Lake possesses the ability to attract tourists in a variety of ways. Come here, you will be fascinated and amazed by the unique sailing technique of the local fishermen who are gentle and calm on the second largest lake in Myanmar.

Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar 2

Let’s engage in the Intha way of life with the houses on stilts surrounded by floating vegetable gardens. The best time to visit this place is in September and October each year. This is the time of a huge Buddhist festival, highlighted by royal parades and interesting boat racing by the fishermen.

3. Bagan

Bagan tourism has flourished in recent times by the return of great natural beauty in Bagan. It is home to thousands of temples on a vast Bagan plain.

Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar 4
To get a glimpse of the beautiful land of Bagan, you can spend time enjoying a ride on hot air balloons to see the grandeur of the ancient kingdom. You can also rent a horse or a nice car to go along the roads, to any temple you want to explore.

4. Ngapali Beach

Considered to be the top attractive beach in Myanmar, this is an ideal place to relax and perfect for your trip.

Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar 5

Pure white sand beaches, tall coconut trees with cool shade and turquoise waters of the charming beachside hut, are Ngapali Beach. Activities such as swimming, boating, biking or golfing are one of the favorite activities of visitors to Ngapali.

5. U Bein Bridge

Try to follow local farmers, fishermen or monks by crossing the longest wooden bridge in the world. U Bein bridge is 1.5km long, when the sun falls down, the shadow of the bridge prints perfectly on the water in the brilliant sunset, this is also a moment taken by countless of photographers to create wonderful pictures.

Interesting Places to Visit in Myanmar 6

To see the entire structure of the bridge, hire a boat and row out in the middle of the river, you will be surprised to see the bridge show up incredibly under the sunset. It can be said that,a trip to Myanmar without witnessing the everyday life of Burmese people around this wooden bridge is not completed.

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