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Ky Co – An Unspoiled Camping Site in Quy Nhon

Ky Co beach has a sandy strip crescent like a moon, nestled at the foot of Phuong Mai Mountain is the must see destination when coming to the beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon, the less-known destination of Vietnam travel.

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Ky Co Beach is in Nhon Ly commune, about 25 kilometers from Quy Nhon to the northeast. As a landlocked hand, the remaining three hills, the landscape here is very pristine, charming painted marine.

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The landscapes here are very charming because one side is adjacent to the sea and three remaining sides are mountains and hills.

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How to Get to Ky Co Beach?

You could travel by two ways to get to Ky Co beach. The fishermen here have canoe or boat service, tourists can experience the feeling of floating on the waves, admire the majestic views of Nhon Ly.

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Or you could drive a motorbike along the mountain road to reach the beach. However, the road is in the process of completion, mostly dirt roads, some stages with high slope which is only suitable for those who have solid steering.

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Long and smooth sandy beach and gentle sea waves are ideal things for those who want to immerse in the crystal clear water. The water here has two colors; water in shallow areas is blue and in the further areas is dark blue.

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If you visit a day, you could book a package service of the host. They will prepare fresh, already- processed seafood and bring to the beach so that tourists can enjoy the meal in the pristine setting. Price for the whole service including two way canoe and meal is around 11- 13 USD/ person.

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For adventure lovers, camping for an overnight in Ky Co will be a memorizing experience. You could bring along tent, seafood to have a BBQ meal.

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At night you will listen to the sound of the waves along the sandy beach. In the morning, you will admire sunset on Ky Co Beach to enjoy the entire pristine beauty of the region. You could also climb up the mountain next to the beach to admire the panorama of Ky Co, record impressive moments.

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On the way back to Quy Nhon City, you show drive slowly to contemplate the beauty of the panorama of Nhon Ly and Phuong Mai Peninsula.

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