Seo Island in Quy Nhon

Seo Island is a very beautiful island in Phuong Mai Peninsula located in Nhon Ly commune, 15 km from Quy Nhon City Centre to the northeast, and is one of the 32 potential islands of the tourism of Binh Dinh. This place is pretty primitive, exotic and uninhabited.

The Interesting Seo Island in Quy Nhon

Seo Island Binh Dinh

Seen from the island, Seo island is like a giant ship heading to the shore. Until now, the islet is still an unspoiled oasis with only weeds, rocks with numerous marine species and many species of birds living without any houses, however, the Creator has bestowed this place a quite wide and flat rock with numerous colorful stones stacked into each other, and honed by the waves over time to become very nice and fancy round stone. This beautiful and charming rock is called giving birth Reef by the locals because, according to their explanation, the rock beach is larger and larger over the years.

Seo Island Binh Dinh

Seo Island has many caves leaning on the cliff, but there is a fairly large, cool and unique cave called Dau Rong (Dragon’s Head). This cave is located deep in the foothills. Looked from the sea, the mountain rocks eroded by the wind, rain and sea water slanting and stacking together look like a giant dragon’s head looking toward the southeast.

However, because the entrance to the is quite narrow and low, seen from the sea, or when there are large waves, the cave is difficult to be discovered. Therefore, in order to visit Dau Rong cave, you have to choose the days when the sea is calm with smooth waves and when the tide is low. Visitors can not travel by boat, instead, you should use basket boat to go into the cave, passing narrow rocks in front of the cave.


Going through the entrance to Dragon’s Head cave, visitors will encounter an arch cave of over 8m high and an area of about 50m2, inside, there is an about 14m2 wide rocky beach which can accommodate 30- 40 people. This cave is suitable for outdoor recreation trips without having to carry a tent because the cave is like a dome roof, which is both cool and can help to avoid scorching the sun outside at noon and in the afternoon.

In front of the cave, there is a stone cave “tricolored” (three- colored) winding which looks like a big tongue sticking out of the mouth of the cave. There is also a very shallow pool of water, where is suitable for babies to play without the fear of danger. Inside the cave niche, there is a small gap between two cliffs which is large enough one person to go through, escape from the cave to the beside cliff to experience hiking.


Coming to Hon Seo, visitors will be immersed in the clear and cool sea water around the island, can see the coral reefs, beautiful and fancy rocks at the bottom of the sea; various colorful fish, or swim around exotic marine waters.

Seo Island is ideal for tourists who are interested in exploring travel, adventure. Here, you can camp, climb the mountains, go sightseeing, fishing, snorkeling, cook and enjoy the fresh seafood specialties caught from Hon Seo sea.

Currently, FLC Group JSC has been permitted to invest the project of Eo Gio Ecotourism resort with the total investment of 1.600 billion on an area of 21, 5 hectares in Nhon Ly commune by Binh Dinh Province People’s Committee. The project is divided into two phases, of which the first phase of the project lasts until 2017, in addition to building the high-end resort in Eo Gio, the project also conserves, develops tourism operators on Hon Seo.

At that time, Eo Gio and Seo Island landscape will be one of the key highlights contributing to the strong spurt in tourism development of Nhon Ly in particular and of Binh Dinh province and in general.

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