Top things to do in Si Phan Don, Laos

Si Phan Don is a large archipelago in the southernmost tip of Laos where Mekong River flows through Khone Waterfall before flowing into the big river in Cambodia. With 4000 islands in various sizes, Si Phan Don brings visitors a breathtaking watercolor painting. Here are top things for you to do in this land to have great travel experiences. Have fun!

  1. Visit Don Khone and Don Det Island

Don Khone and Don Det are the largest islands of 4000 islands. Those are two places appreciated by visitors owing to tourism services like accommodations, eateries… Especially, the scenery of Don Khone is quite similar to peaceful villages of Asian countries with soft floral fragrance or buffaloes grazing leisurely.

Si Phan Don,Don Khone Island with gorgeous and peaceful beauty

Si Phan Don, Don Khone Island with gorgeous and peaceful beauty

To go sightseeing Don Khone Island will bring interesting experiences to travelers since they will have the opportunity to discover the majestic landscapes. Known as “Cheap resort paradise”, Don Khone will surely make you satisfied with extremely reasonable expenses.

  1. Travel from an island to another by dugout canoe

The main mode of transport to move between islands in Si Phan Don is the dugout canoe 1m in width and 4m in length. Under the control of skillful ferrymen, the dugout canoe is always ready to overcome all torrents on Mekong River.

Visiting Si Phan Don by a dugout canoe is really exciting

Visiting Si Phan Don by a dugout canoe is really exciting

From the boat, tourists can admire unique islands blending with surrounding landscapes. All seem to evoke the sense of tranquility in people’ mind.

  1. Ride a bike to enjoy the beauty of islands

Another choice for you is cycling to admire the view of nature. On the bumpy dirt path, you can come across green fields, feel light winds and pass through the lagerstroemia forest as pretty as a picture in the end. Try not to get lost in this wonderland!

  1. See Irrawaddy Dolphins on Mekong River

To experience one of the most exotic things on Don Khone Island, visitors need a little luck. Irrawaddy dolphins (freshwater dolphins) are endemic animals of Mekong River. This species appears only in three places in the world: Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, Mahakam River in Indonesia and Mekong River.

Irrawaddy dolphins on Mekong River in Si Phan Don

Irrawaddy dolphins on Mekong River in Si Phan Don

It was ever listed as one of the animals which are at high risk of extinction. Therefore, not all travelers are lucky enough to see it firsthand when visiting this island. But if you are one of lucky individuals, the image of dolphins swimming and jumping up out of the water might be the most memorable moments left after your trip.

  1. Try eating local foods full of flavor

In these remote areas, tourists are still able to find a Lao eatery serving noodles to travelers and inhabitants. There are even some French style eateries or “Italian restaurants” by the riverside. The price of all dishes and services are reasonable.

A "restaurant " on Don Khone Island

A “restaurant ” on Don Khone Island

Dinners in riverside eateries are wonderful. That’s when you feel the sweetness of sticky rice, the fragrance of grilled fish, enjoy Laos’ famous beer and admire sparkling water under the lights.

Si Phan Don with islands and rivers will give us a pristine and peaceful land. Coming here, visitors will never have to worry about being disturbed by the noise of urban areas. Just a romantic life amidst nature but never boring!

I’m sure that if you have enough time to discover all interesting things in Si Phan Don, you may think of returning to this place one more time. So let’s travel to Si Phan Don now to know what is waiting for you!

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