Binh Ba Island 2

Suggestion of 3 – Day Itinerary to Binh Ba Island

If you “crave” for travel and seas, you will be strongly impressed by the trip to Binh Ba Island.

Day 1:

From Saigon, you might book a late night ticket to Cam Ranh to take ship to Binh Ba Island at 7a.m. After reaching the Island and getting your hotel room, take a rest, have lunch, then explore the Island by electric golf cars. Thanks to these vehicles, you don’t have to worry about your grandparent and children. Noticeably, these cars, which are revamped and runned by gasoline to climb up the slope easily, can carry more than 10 adults around the Island.

Binh Ba Island 1

Binh Ba Island 2

It might take you half a day to visits the 2 most famous places on the island, namely Tortoise (Rua) island and the military port seen from an abandoned plot. Thus, this plot enables you to hold an overal view of an immense Binh Ba. The images of fishing boats running together off the coast and basket boats (Thuyen Thung) floating at the middle of the sea, create an amazingly pieceful scene.

Binh Ba Island 3Binh Ba Island 3

In the afternoon, you can stroll, swim, or even try adventurous games if you want to challenge yourself and experience thrilling activities at Nom beach. This beautiful sea is surrounded by two mountains that make it calm all year round. Besides, Nom owns the soft white beach, so it is crowded with tourists and local people at about 4 p.m.

Binh Ba Island 4

The sea offers numerous of services on the sea at reasonable prices, namely motorbike and banana boat ride. There a wide range of seafood restaurants along the beach, too. Therefore, after swimming or strolling, you are able to enjoy local specialities such as lobsters, or even series of snail dishes.

Binh Ba Island 5

The first interesting activity in the evening, which is worth experiencing is to catch “Cong” (a kind of crab). There are many Congs around the beach when human are absent. Therefore, you can bring a flashlight with you to chase them. Then, if you are lucky, you might taste fragrant fried meat of Cong. Moreover, you might ask the owner of the basket boat for catching up shrimps and squids with them. This amazing exploring activity is offered by some travel agencies, so you are easy to experience it, or even you directly persuade the local to be a new member on their boat.

Day 2:

On the second day, you should wake up in the early morning to greet the dawn on Chuong beach. Although this beach is not as crowded as Nom, it is an ideal destination for couples and young tourists who are “craving” for taking “virtual” check-in pictures because of poetic beauty. Then you can rent boats to explore surrounding small islands and beaches such as Sa Huynh, Bo De, Nha Cu, etc.

Binh Ba Island 6

Binh Ba Island 7

Sa Huynh is a magnificent beach and the paradise of the natural coral reef. It is in the shape of a piece of the moon and naturally favoured a soft white sand smoothly embracing the calm blue sea. Furthermore, two sides of the beach are protected by rows of majestic and unique ancient stones.

Binh Ba Island 8

The disadvantage, which is also considered the advantage of Sa Huynh beach, is that it’s located in the military area of Cam Ranh peninsula. Therefore, you have to get on board or canoe to get there. Once you get there, however, you will be “madly in love” right away because of pristine blue sea without a person.

Compared to the other beaches on Binh Ba Island, Nha Cu owns the purest blue water. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bathe here because of rocks on the beach. However, it is the territory of a huge range of colorful corals.To observe and explore their alluring beauty, you just need to sit on the nearby basket boats of the fishermen instead of diving into the seabed. Interestingly, if you are lucky, you might catch some starfishes of weird shapes.

Binh Ba Island 9

When renting boats you can also tell the fisherman to take you to lobster ponds where you will be introduced the whole process of raising lobsters. In particular, these ponds enable you to buy fresh sea foods at discount prices for family and friends.

It’s absolutely ideal to have dinner on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the beach at night. You definitely afford them because there are many restaurants with “reasonable” prices on the island.

Day 3:

On the last day, you can go around the island and visit Binh Ba market. This local market offers a wide range of tasteful dishes ranging from 0.2$ to 1$ such as rice noodle soup (Banh Canh), rice noodle soup with squids shrimps, snails, spring rolls, etc. In addition, there are fresh and dried sea foods that you can buy as gifts for relatives.
In the afternoon, you return to your hotel to do check out process, then, get on board back to Cam Ranh.

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