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Tien Giang Travel sites – Visiting An Ancient Temple at Tan Dong Ward

Traveling to Tien Giang, you will surely be amazed at the 110-year-old communal house hugged by sacred Bodhi tree in Tan Dong.

It is so special that the Mekong Delta still preserves an ancient architecture associated with historical ups and downs. The Tan Dong communal house (also known as Go Tao communal house) is located in Tan Dong Commune, Go Cong Dong District, Tien Giang Province. It is known as a unique communal house, because the whole building is “hugged” by the hundreds of bushes of the roots of the three Bodhi tree.

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To reach Tan Dong communal house, you can move in two directions:

– Direction of National Highway 1A, through Binh Chanh market petrol station, turn left onto Dinh Duc Thien street, go straight to Provincial road 826, from here, follow National Highway 50 – HL13 – Mac Van Thanh street. .

– Direction Highway 50, shorter and just run along this highway, meet HL13 – Mac Van Thanh – Tan Dong.

Tan Dong communal house is located amidst a sprawling grassy area including the main hall, and the communal courtyard. In front of the communal house, there is an engraving in 1907, no one knows exactly the communal house was built or restored in that year. According to many seniors, it is said that the communal house dates back to the reign of Emperor Minh Mang. However, the architectural patterns and motifs on the communal house are typical of the Nguyen dynasty.

At that time, the that year is where people held the festivals around the years. Until the French period, it became the meeting place of the revolutionary soldiers. In the American wartime, it turned into a place of detention the ones who participating in the revolution. After liberating, the number of people visit the communal house has been less gradually, the communal house becomes deserted, and nobody takes care of. Through the ups and downs of time, until now, only the altar hall remained intact with decorative motifs.

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However, about 30 years ago, the communal house appeared three buddh trees growing high up on the top. The root of the tree reaches out to the wall, some roots run along the crack of the communal house. Hence, the roots became pillars and columns to keep the house strong and stable.

In 1990, some bodhi tree’s branches was cut by some greedy people, the local people dreamed about that and hence in the morning, they came to keep the other two trees. Thanks to the two canopy trees, the communal house is protected from rain, sunshine.

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With the people here, Bodhi tree is considered as the guardian spirit, protect the communal house to overcome the severe weather and rainstorm. Up to now, people in the area have put their faith in the sacred communal house, they take care the Tan Phong communal house very well and considered it as a pride – a special historic site.
A small note for you is that the communal house is not as large and spacious as others, but if you have the opportunity to visit here, remember to talk quietly, avoid joking, climbing or damaging the ancient communal house.

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