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Travel Guide to Vung Tau

When traveling to Vung Tau, equip yourself with some information, basic knowledge about Vung Tau will be very useful. With the sharing in the manual when traveling the following Vung Tau, it is certain that the tourist needs a journey to explore Vung Tau safely, interestingly and memorably.

The ideal time to travel to Vung Tau

Similar to other Southeastern provinces, Vung Tau climate is relatively mild, cool, not too hot nor too cold, divided into two distinct rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season begins in May and lasts until October. The dry season occurs from November and ends around April next year.

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In general, Vung Tau is suitable for year-round travel. But according to some travel guides in Vung Tau, the ideal time to go to Vung Tau is during the dry season. Because it is often not raining or stormy, it is very convenient for tourists to explore and visit Vung Tau city. However, to be sure weather and climate do not affect the trip, visitors should consult weather forecast information to prepare or adjust the schedule accordingly.

What to see in Vung Tau?

The famous architecture

As a tourist city famous for a long time, Vung Tau have a lot fun, discover fascinating, the most prominent are the architectural works famous Vung Tau was built a century ago as The statue of Christ (The Lord arms), Thich Ca Phat Dai temple, Bach Dinh (Villa Blanche), Linh Son Temple, Vung Tau Lighthouse, Temple Tran (Big House) … Famous architectural works are mentioned in many travel guide Vung Tau.

Beautiful beaches

Coming to the beautiful Vung Tau City Beach, discovering the beautiful beaches is an enjoyable experience that can not be missed. For those who enjoy the sea view, sip a cup of hot sea breeze and brew a few bottles of beer and seafood along the beach, according to the notebook when traveling to Vung Tau Beach, Beach Front or Bai Sau.

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If you want to immerse your self in the water, you can go to Bai Sau. The beach is suitable for fun activities – entertainment on the beach such as swimming, surfing, racing, canoeing, canoeing, paragliding … However, the beach area is usually quite touristy weekend. In order to limit the situation of running out of seats, being crowded or being raised at resorts, Bai Sau resort at the weekend, visitors can see some extra Vung Tau experiences at the weekend with ” experience of traveling Vung Tau on weekends “.


Vung Tau has a lot of place for entertainment. First of all, the Ho May Resort is located on the top of Vung Tau Mountain. Coming to Ho May resort, visitors will have many interesting experiences such as beautiful sightseeing Vung Tau cable car ride, swimming pool in the mountains, join the game of strong feelings … Secondly is the Stadium Lam Son – where dog shows are organized. Dog races usually take place from 19h15 to 22h25, on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition, the Vung Tau recreation and entertainment center also has Vung Tau Water Park, some nightlife gatherings…

What to eat in Vung Tau?

A trip to explore Vung Tau is not complete is missing its cuisine. In addition to exploring tourist destination, enjoying delicious dishes Vung Tau is also very important. What does Vung Tau has? Please find out!

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Seafood dishes are one of the most delicious dishes in Vung Tau cuisine. Seafood in Vung Tau is quite diverse, including crabs, crabs, snails, oysters, clams … The processing is also rich as boiled, steamed, sauteed, grilled cheese, grilled onions, hot pot , porridge … Prices of fresh or processed seafood in Vung Tau are relatively cheap. If you want to save, visitors can choose popular seafood restaurants in the coastal area of Ben Da.

Khot cake

If it comes to the best food in Vung Tau, can not miss pies. For a long time, Vung Tau has been famous for its crispy golden cakes, hot crispy shrimp with fresh and attractive. Vung Tau travel handbook recommends some of the most delicious and most popular cakes in Vung Tau City such as Goc Vu Sua, Co Ba Vung Tau, Ba Hai…

In addition, Vung Tau also has many other delicious specialties such as salted egg cake, fish salad, pancakes …

Vung Tau is considered one of the attractive and famous tourist attractions of the South. Hope that with the notebook when traveling Vung Tau, tourists will have a trip to explore Vung Tau full of fun and memorable experience.

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