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Vung Tau Museum – The Historical and Cultural Print of The Coastal City

In addition to the famous tourist destinations such as Golden Buddha Statue, Dam Trau Beach, Con Dao etc. Vung Tau also has an impressive space that visitors should not miss: it is the City Museum. Vung Tau City Museum is a place to “hide” many “memories” of the sea city. Visitors will learn more about the history of Vung Tau City as well as the traditional culture of the sea. With more than 28,000 documents, artifacts in the fields of culture, history, art … preserved in Vung Tau City Museum, visitors will be immersed in a lively atmosphere of the past, learn about the “echoes” of the past.

Vung Tau Museum 1

About Vung Tau City Museum

Vung Tau City Museum is located at 4, Tran Phu Street, Vung Tau City. Not only in the center of Vung Tau city museum is located on the beautiful street with impressive Vung Tau tourist sites.

Opened since February 1991, Vung Tau City Museum is a dictionary of Vung Tau. Historical ups and downs, traditional cultural activities as well as the beauty of the sea people are lively displayed through the Museum space. Situated on Tran Phu Street, visitors can easily visit the museum by taxi or motorbike. This road is very easy to find, traffic is extremely convenient.

The museum displays over 28,000 artifacts – documents on many different fields. The antiques, archaeological relics, traditional festival costumes, traditional crafts, musical instruments, artifacts of resistance … enrich and vivid added “colorful picture” of the development of the city. Through these materials, artifacts, history and culture of Vung Tau is also shown through each stage.

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The museum has specialized galleries and traditional galleries. Of which the historic Nui Dinh historical vestibule and the Con Dao historical vestibule are two of the most impressive places to visit. In addition, the museum has thousands of antiques found from ancient cultures such as Cham-pa, Oc-eo, Angkor and Chinese pottery from the 17th-18th centuries.

Vung Tau City Museum is a space that sums up all the cultural and historical values of Vung Tau. Thanks to that, visitors will have a glimpse of this beautiful seaside town.

Values – Experience at Vung Tau City Museum

Vung Tau Tour with a visit to the City Museum will certainly leave visitors many beautiful imprints. For those who love history – national culture, this must be a destination can not miss. Various information, materials and artifacts here will enrich the visitor’s knowledge of history.

Vung Tau City Museum is deeply preserved. The moments – relics – historical artifacts as well as traditional cultural beauty of the city residents during the periods are kept and reproduced vividly. Without this preservation, it is unlikely that we and our future generations will find it difficult to know the city of love that has had such “intense” moments. Traditional festivals, traditional costumes and ancient instruments are kept to help people understand more about an ancient life. Resistance artifacts also recreate a period of tragic history of Vietnam in general and Vung Tau city in particular.

Vung Tau Museum 3

Besides, the educational value of Vung Tau City Museum is also shown boldly. Through historical and cultural materials displayed in the museum, visitors will understand more about the origin, the process of fighting – development as well as cultural beauty of Vung Tau in particular, the Vietnamese in general. The museum is a place to remind us to be thankful, respectful, to preserve and promote the good and traditional values of the nation. Especially for the younger generations, the museum is an impressive educational space.

Vung Tau City Museum with its cultural values – a great educational history is one of the destinations not to be missed when visiting the coastal city. Not glorious or noisy, with a space of history and precious materials, Vung Tau City Museum brings the “quiet moments” worth living. This great space gives us a clearer view of history and culture, as well as educating people about values worthy of tradition. Therefore, if you come to Vung Tau, do not forget to visit the City Museum at 4, Tran Phu.

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