Getting Lost in the Wonderful Strange Land in Lam Dong

Perhaps anyone of us once dreams of visiting a Wonderful strange land is to discover and experience the amazing things in other new lands which are far different from the magnificent, bustling and crowded city. If given the opportunity to set foot on the pristine grass hill in the village of Masara, you have already turned the dream into reality! That is a unique region with undulating bare hills covered up with the colors changing over time. Please take up your luggage and go to the magical land in the village of Masara!

Getting Lost in the Wonderful Strange Land in Lam Dong

Turning to the path that leading to Masara cultural village in Ta Nang commune (Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province) and driving another 5km on the red dirt road, you will reach the immense bare grass hill, with a few lonely trees quietly sprouting, with a fresh vitality. There is an accurate name for this place, but those who once came here all remember forever the road leading to this “strange land”.

Bare hills here has a pristine, strange and equally romantic beauty which enchants visitors. Colors of the sky are wondrously beautiful, at the time of the day, you’ll be attracted by the charm of the sky, the bare hills undulating with the unique color changing over time, from warm orange, mysterious black to bright red, fresh green, dreamy pink.

Getting Lost in the Wonderful Strange Land in Lam Dong

The rolling bare hills covered with the untouched yellowish green color of grass stretching will make you think of the vast steppe in certain faraway places! These gorgeous grass hills in Masara village are like a miraculous picture painted by a gifted, talented artist. It truly is a unique fascinating work of art that anyone who has the opportunity to admire will surely be overwhelmed, ecstatic and attracted from the first sight.

Wandering on the grass hills, you can also see sparkling wildflowers blooming prettily with golden rays of the sun or the buffalo grazing absently, occasionally wandering around or lying on the grass hill. That’s also enough to make you smile because of the most simple things.

Getting Lost in the Wonderful Strange Land in Lam Dong

The beauty of the grass hills in Masara village has something very specific, unique and is difficult to be found elsewhere as it’s the own mark on this land. In the space, you can admire panoramic nature, walk around to discover exciting things waiting for you somewhere or read a few pages of a book, sip a cup of coffee or listen to soothing songs.

That would be a great time to store your memorable moments forever. Nothing seems to be better than indulging in nature, experiencing the feeling of camping in the wilderness and enjoying all the natural beauty at the marvelous exchanging  moment.

Getting Lost in the Wonderful Strange Land in Lam Dong

You not only feel close, harmonious with nature. But also feel the freedom, liberation, peace. Although sometimes, this life makes you exhausted, you just find the grass hills in the village of Masara, all stress, sadness seems to have vanished immediately.

This area is also the endless inspiration for those who have the artistic soul, it is possible to draw some paintings, compose some songs, compose poetic verse or capture beautiful photos.

In the morning, the weather is cool and calm; till midday, it becomes hotter and in the afternoon, you can feel the cool breezes. At night, the wind is so strong that it is likes blowing away everything, therefore, to ensure the safety while camping overnight and enjoying the beauty of the stars in the sky, do not forget to choose the lee places! At the same time, you should also prepare food, drinking water, the medicine of common diseases and the necessary tools for the camping trip.

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