Hidden Cafes 5

5 Hidden Cafes You Surely will Be Mesmerized

Sai Gon has captured tourist’s eyes with coffee shops in department buildings while Hanoi has drawn traveler’s interest with quiet and pretty ones in collective houses.

1. Coffee houses

Tourists have been familiar with ancient-oriented coffee houses in Hanoi for a long time. Noticeably, this shop has recently been “in the spotlight” because of its new location on the second floor.

Hidden Cafes 1

This coffee house located in an “eyes-catching” place with smart internal and external space. You can enjoy your free afternoon here by taking a seat to pick up the pure and cool air of spring, leaning on the banisters to see “full-of-flower “bikes, or even, hearing the drums of school at the end of the school day and the peals of childish laughter of students. You must feel as if you were back to your sweet and priceless childhood with a free ticket.

Hidden Cafes 2

Hidden Cafes 3

Moreover, you will have a chance to enjoy “best- snack-ever” of childhood life such as popcorn, sugared dry apricot and the “legendary” noodle of kids. You might accidently be given sweet gifts, too. Although they are just small ones, like a cup of tea, a cup of popcorn, a small dish of sugared dry fruits or jam, etc, you are definitely happy all day long with this pretty surprise.

Hidden Cafes 4

Lying in an old building, attracting travelers with ancient decoration and quiet atmosphere, the coffee shop will ensure you a quiet and private space so that you can stay away from the urban life.

2. Trace Cafe

Hidden Cafes 5

Locating on the third floor of an old collective building, Tracce is elaborately and cleverly decorated that enables its guests to enjoy the quiet and cosy atmosphere. The different decoration of both floors provides guests with private space for the purpose of chatting, working and reading.

Hidden Cafes 6

As you can feel, Tracce give you the cosiness and simpleness. What mostly impresses its guests is the stunning balcony that is always full of sunlight. In a free afternoon, you should get there with your favourite book, then, order a cup of tea and leisurely engross into your book.

Hidden Cafes 7

Hidden Cafes 10

Furthermore, you can also go to Tracce coffee with your lover for the reason that it has enough quietly private space for you to whisper to each other under the gentle lyrics of selected songs.

Hidden Cafes 8

Hidden Cafes 9

Trace has two floors. You are certainly impressed by red and black painting of the second floor where you can watch Acostic performances in the evening.

3. MaisondeMerin

Locating on the third floor of an old building on Tran Doan Nghiep Street, Maison de Merin coffee shop is actually a small-scale sewing workshop which makes use of the front yard to open a small coffee shop.

Hidden Cafes 11

Maison de Merin has drawn its guest’s attention with a fair small space and simple decoration that definitely looks like a small green house. You might have kind of “let- me- be” space because you have to go along a narrow lane to get there, then, being crazy with a green space featured by flower- pots and unintentionally arranged desks.

Hidden Cafes 12

The sewing shop inside exhibits fashionable and elegant clothes. Sometimes, the coffee and sewing shops are in cooperation to organize hand embroidery and watercolor workshop from the beginning to pro levels for girls.

Hidden Cafes 13

Everything seems to go easily and smoothly. That is what you can feel in Merin. Enjoying and nourishing piece in your mind in this cafeteria with a cup of flower tea!

4. Canteen 109

Canteed 109 cafeteria locates on the first floor of an old collective house with simple decoration and “like- a -classroom” space. It is unique because the door still keeps traditional green and the yellow wall has mossy spots as an old house does. Although this shop is small, it has open windows to pick up natural sunlights.

Hidden Cafes

People choose to get there for the main purpose of tasting “legendary” snack food of student life. However, they gradually become its regular visitors due to its intimacy and simplicity. Besides, many young guys go there to study, learn guitar, read comics and, surely, enjoy student’s favorite snacks.

Hidden Cafes 17

If you want to “full your stomach”, choose a dish from a various series of snack food that costs only from 1$ to 1.5$. You must think as if you were given a “returning ticket to the childhood” when the changes 200 dong and 500 dong were big assets of a kid.

5. Yupio Homemade Cake

Hidden Cafes 14

Like many other cafeterias, Yupio Homemade Cake lies on a collective house on Nui Truc Street. Unlike others, however, this coffee shop has younger style and green cool air with many tree pots. It attracts tourists with clever decoration, open-viewed window and wooden desks and tables. Moreover, the furniture will put a crash on you by pretty and small shapes like an Elvis life.

Hidden Cafes 15

Hidden Cafes 16

There are many kinds of drinks here but it is most famous for “a-kind- of” cake which is attractively decorated by flavoured cotton candies.

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