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Enjoy Cuisine in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a coastal city of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, located in the Southeast of Vietnam. Despite being a small city, Vung Tau has attracted many famous tourist attractions such as Ho May statue, Kito statue, Ho Coc, Mount Dinh, Da Stream … In addition, Vung Tau also attracts visitors with thousands of local dishes such as banh khot, banh hoi, seafood, noodle soup. If you have chance to visit Vung Tau, please do not forget to enjoy the special dishes in the article ” Enjoy cuisine in Vung Tau” below.

Banh khot (Khot cake)

Banh khot is a unique food of the coastal city of Vung Tau. The cake is shaped like the banh can in the Central, made from rice flour and in the middle is the shrimp. It is often served with sweet and sour fish sauce, raw vegetables such as green cabbage, herbs, lettuce, perilla and papaya. When you eat, you will feel the smell of the shrimp’s meat, the rice flour, the smell of grease, the rich flavor of fish sauce mixed with the taste of vegetables. Thanks to the delicious taste, the cake is both the first choice dishes in the Vung Tau tour’s menu of travel companies, as well as dishes that visitors do not forget to enjoy.

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Famous banh khot restaurants in Vung Tau are Ms Ba’s located at 1 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Ms Hai cakes are located on Tran Dong street for 30,000 VND (1.3 USD)/ dish or Goc Vu Sua at 14 Nguyen Truong To or 54 Nguyen Kim street in Ba Cu street.

Thay Nghiep Ky noodle

For those who have experienced Vung Tau tourism, most visitors have many unforgettable experiences when discovering the unique and diverse cuisine in this coastal city. Certainly in these experiences, visitors also try the taste of the famous dish Thay Nghiep Ky noodle

Located at 127 Ba Cu Street, Nghiep Ky noodle Restaurant is very famous for Vung Tau people in particular and tourists in general and abroad. The noodle soup is not only tasty, full, fatty but also attracted y the owner’s art of making noodle that is beautiful and impressive.

Oyster porridge

To get a delicious oyster porridge, the chefs must be meticulous in the processing and selection of raw materials thoroughly. The rice grains selected must be round, shiny. During cooking, the chef must add a little glutinous rice to make the rice porridge more fragrant and more flexible. The main ingredient is oysters that are fresh and fat. After the oysters are finished, it must be seasoned in the right proportion and oysters are fried to be more delicious.

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Oyster porridge is easy to find in restaurants near the sea of Vung Tau City but if you want to enjoy the most delicious dishes, visitors have to go to Ben Da restaurant – 30 minutes away from the center by motorbike. Here, oyster soup is famous and is loved by the most beloved, thanks to the greasy taste and good aromas. Besides, the Nghia oysters porridge located in the 30/4 street is also famous because of the sweet taste of oysters mixed with the aroma of rice and flavor of pepper, onions, mushrooms. If you want to enjoy the unique and new flavor of oysters porridge in Vung Tau, visit oysters porridge on Tran Dong Street with the fatty taste of oysters mixed with the pungent taste of ginger.

Oyster soup is a favorite with tourists when traveling to Vung Tau

Herring Fish salad

When traveling to Vung Tau at night, the most popular dish for tourists is fish salad. The herring fish salad impresses visitors by exotic taste and delicate combination of ingredients such as herring fish, peanut, sesame, fired rice flour, banana, herbs … Herring is white and long as anchovy but no scales, longitudinal stripes, sweet meat and no smell. In order to have a delicious fish salad, the two indispensable factors are the fish must be fresh and the sauce must be extremely rich. Among the eating places in Vung Tau serving the most delicious fish salad is the Vuon Xoai (mango garden) restaurant located in Hoang Hoa Tham street. Fresh fish, freshly cooked and well decorated. Especially, the sauce in the restaurant is delicately blended with a precise ratio of ingredients that few restaurants have.

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The journey to explore culinary culture is one of the interesting things in Vung Tau trip. So, whether the trip is long or short, please don’t forget to enjoy the sea food with the breath of the sea in this article.

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