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Places to Enjoy Delicious Seafood in Vung Tau

Speaking of Vung Tau specialties, people will think of seafood dishes. This is of course because Vung Tau is a city that owns the beautiful and rich seas. In addition to seafood, this port also has a “series” of equally attractive dishes such as banh khot, banh beo, salted egg cakes… The cuisine of the coastal city is so abundant and attractive. Just listen to the name, everyone is eager to enjoy immediately.

In the article today, we will share with you delicious seafood restaurants in the coastal city. Let’s keep track of it. Knowing this, this will be a useful food guide for visitors to an unspecified Vung Tau tour.

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Seafood area behind the Imperial Hotel

For gourmet people in Vung Tau, the seafood market located behind the Imperial Hotel is one of the familiar destinations. This seafood area is located near the 3 Nguyen Bieu – Dao Duy Tu crossroad and not far from Bai Sau. This place is full of all kinds of dishes made from fresh seafood at extremely cheap prices.

Visitors can go to this seafood area at any time of the day, because seafood is available from morning until late. The bustling atmosphere of the seafood market together with the attractive flavor of spicy food in the space makes the human senses irritated. Guests will be able to see the shrimp, squid, crab and shrimp in the restaurant. Besides, the attractive seafood dishes are processed right at the place also makes your mouth watering.

Stingray hotpot Nguyen Truong To

Regarding Vung Tau specialties, besides rice banh khot, banh beo or lobster’s blood, it is impossible not to mention the stingray hotpot. To enjoy the bet stingray hot pot, visitors must go to the hot pot 42 Nguyen Truong To, Vung Tau City. Here visitors not only enjoy the intestinal specialty of the city is the stingray hot pot but also tasted many other seafood dishes. The dishes made from shrimp, squid or crab, and other seafood are on the menu for you to order and enjoy.

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While waiting for hot pot, you can enjoy some grilled squid, shrimp, steamed crab. The natural sweetness of the seafood is perfect combined with the sauce which is extremely delicious and will make the visitors feel “ecstasy”. Add to that the cozy, airy and clean restaurant space will give visitors a sense of comfort and friendliness. Truong Cong Dinh hotpot is an ideal place for intimate meetings of family and friends. And of course the restaurant is also ideal for the backpackers.

Hung Phuong seafood

Hung Phuong seafood restaurant at 100 Ha Long Street, Vung Tau City is one of the “seafood paradise” of the port city. If you want to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes delicious visitors do not miss this place.

Hung Phuong seafood is very convenient located – near the sea. So visitors are easy to find the way as well as convenient for sightseeing, enjoying the scene and enjoy the delicious food. Here there are seafood like shrimp, snail, crab, squid … which are processed with diverse menu. Besides, seafood species are bought directly in the sea so they are very fresh. Guests can choose the dish to suit their own taste. Or if you want to buy seafood as gifts, cooking, visitors can also completely choose to buy at the Hung Phuong seafood.

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Five-Level Snail (Oc Nam Tang)

For visitors who are “fans” of snails, the Nam Tang (Five Storeyed) snail house will be an unforgettable place. This is one of the longest and most famous restaurant in the port city. There are “trillions” of snails and dishes made from snail. Typical dishes can be mentioned are: snail with coconut, snail with garlic,… Certainly tourists will not be able to resist when the smell of scented pineapple diffused in the air. In addition to snails, visitors can also choose other dishes in the menu variety of bar such as grilled squid, steamed clams or porridge …

Vung Tau tourism will not be complete without the “food”, especially the seafood here. We are pleased that the sharing of “delicious – cheap” seafood places on the above will provide you with the most useful information. Have a wonderful trip to Vung Tau.

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