places to eat on quan thanh street

Suggestion of 3 Places to Eat on Quan Thanh Street

1. Mrs. Loi’s Pho

Also located on Quan Thanh Street but the Pho ga (chicken noodle soup) restaurant is far “younger” than the one on the beginning of the street. The patrons of the restaurant said that although the restaurant is newly opened, the owner however is a senior seller who sells boiled chicken. She always spend the broth from boiled chicken to make the soup, so the noodles here are very good quality with special flavour.

Chickens after boiling are not cut apart into many pieces but torn and folded neatly in a large tray. Pho bowl is very beautiful with the white color of noodle, yellow color of chicken skin, blue color of the onion and especially lemon leaves to make the dish perfect.

places to eat on quan thanh street

The noodle fibre is small but slightly thick, very skilfully processed so it’s soft but not crushed, mixed with the clear and delicious soup. The chicken is t high quality with sweet taste, crispy skin, however, the chicken pieces are quite small.

There are two kinds for pho in the restaurant: 30,000 VND for regular pho and 35,000 VND for special version with more special requirements such as more meat or extra liver. The restaurant sells pho from 6 am to 3 pm every day. In addition to indoor seats, there are also a few tables on the sidewalk outside.

2. Mrs. Thom’s hot sweet soup

Among the famous restaurants in Quan Thanh Street, of course, there always be mentioned the hot sweet soup of Mrs. Thom, which has been over 40 years old. Hot sweet soups sold in the restaurant are three types of black bean, green bean, tangyuan (a Chinese dessert made from black sesame, glutinous rice flour and green bean) sweet soup.

places to eat on quan thanh street 2


The sweet soup here is reasonably sweet, the beans are finely munched, smooth and eye-catching. According to the owner of the shop, hot black bean sweet soup must definitely be cooked with molasses and green tea must be cooked with white sugar. Each bowl of sweet soup should be added with a little bit homemade coconut milk.

Hot sweet soup stall of Mrs. Thom is small and only sells from 3 pm but always full of customers. Each bowl of sweet soup here is only 15,000 VND (0.6 USD), very suitable for the fans of the sweets.

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3. Mrs. Yen’s dumpling

The dumpling stall of Mrs. Yen is located in the middle of Quan Thanh Street. It’s a small stall – so if you don’t pay attention, it’s quite difficult to find it out. Compared to other dumpling stalls, the dumplings here are less varied – there are only two kinds of dumpling: meat dumplings and vegetarian dumplings. However, at around 7 am, when she opens the door, her stall is always packed with people waiting to buy the dumpling.

places to eat on quan thanh street 3

The selling point of this dumpling is handmade procedure and square shape (instead of round sape) as usual. The dumpling crust is soft. Although no quail egg and sausage, the dumplings are still delicious with sweet smell of fresh meat. It sells like hotcakes, so crowded that 4-5 staffs are always busy although only dumpling and soya milk are sold.

The minus point of the restaurant is that it is a small shop, and hence food is mainly take-away. The price of dumplings here is 13,000 VND (0.5 USD) / meat dumpling, 6,000 VND (0.24 USD)/ vegetarian cake. The store only sells dumplings until around 9am.