3 Best Things to Do This Winter in Northern Vietnam

Many tourists spend their Vietnam holiday tours in summer, but a winter expedition will offer you new experiences and feelings. If you are still wondering where to go in northern Vietnam, consider our suggestions of 3 best things to do this winter in this beautiful region. 

1. Discover Sapa town

Located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Sapa is considered as the all time favorite to a lot of tourists from different countries during there Vietnam excursions thanks to its magnificent beauty and flavorsome culture of ethnic minorities. Visiting Sapa in Winter, you will have the opportunity to experience this charming town to the fullest. The weather there is not like in Hanoi or other parts in Northern Vietnam, which is much colder. Therefore, Sapa is famous for its breathtaking landscape including the immense terraced rice fields, picturesque valleys and its towns full of fog. If you lucky, you will see snow in Sapa, which is extremely rare in Vietnam.

things to do in northern vietnam

Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities that you don’t see often in anywhere else in the country, thus, this is the chance for you to extend your knowledge of Vietnamese culture, traditional customs and local remote area’s daily life.

things to do in northern vietnam 2

Furthermore, if you want to taste some Vietnamese specialties in winter, then coming to Sapa is a must. Thanks to traditional culinary secrets from generations to generations, Sapa cuisine will simply amazes you by both its smells, tastes and appearances such as Smoking buffalo, Com lam, Thang Co, Grilled fish, street Barbecue foods etc.

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2. Take a boat trip in Trang An
Situated at the most tranquil area of Ninh Binh province – Ancient Capital city of Vietnam, The UNESCO World’s Cultural Natural Heritage Trang An will be one a highlight in your Vietnam private tours.

things to do in northern vietnam 4

Trang An is opened the whole year, but paying a visit to it in winder seems to be the best for some reasons. The first reason is the winter’s weather in Vietnam is perfect for an outside boat trip, that means you don’t have to worry so much about the heat and unexpected heavy rains like in summer.

The second reason is that the water in Trang An in winter is so calm and clear, which offers you the chance to see many fishes swimming and chilling around you. Additionally, boating in Trang An helps you understand more about the unbelievably spectacular limestone systems in Vietnam by paddling through many grottoes full of stalactites and stalagmites. You will soon understand why Trang An’s breathtaking landscape was chosen as one of the filming location in the notorious film “Kong – The Skull Island”.

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Photo: Ninh Binh tours

3. Walk around Hanoi Old Quarter
Being an attractive spot for beer lovers in summer, Hanoi Old Quarter turns into a busy but cozy area in winter, which is really worth visiting for worldwide tourists.

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The streets in Old Quarter are really small but full of street stalls, vehicles and signs, so if you just set foot in Hanoi or are not familiar with the crazy traffic here, walking seems to be the best choice. Hanoi Old Quarter is a very unique area, which consists of both ancient structures dating back to the previous century and some of the most luxurious buildings and hotels in Vietnam.

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Visiting Hanoi and Old Quarter in winter around December and January will give you the chance to observe bustling activities and preparations for the Lunar New Year (The biggest and most important festival in Vietnam) including dressing up, decorating houses, purchasing new stuffs, working and working. Hanoi is also a home to the best street foods in Vietnam, so a must-do activity for you is to walk around, find yourself some cool spots, sit down, enjoy and you can thank me later.

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