7 reasons why you should travel Vietnam at least one time

If you dream of a country with beautiful natural settings, unique cultural identity and friendly people, I will suggest that you travel Vietnam. Let’s have a look at 7 reasons why tourists are enthralled by this S-shaped country.

  1. An perfect choice for people with low-budget

Vietnam is famous as an ideal destination for those who have limited budget. Although there are changes in economy, especially cost escalation, to travel to Vietnam is still favored by many visitors due to low travel cost.

Travel Vietnam - Vietnam is an ideal destination for budget travelers

Vietnam is an ideal destination for budget travelers

The system of hotels and restaurants develop widely with a variety of kind of services. Cheap foods, low commuting cost and reasonable commodity price explain why many travelers choose Vietnam for their trip.

  1. Stunning beauty of nature

Vietnam doesn’t possess too famous landscapes like Niagara Waterfall or Grand Canyons, but I’m sure that you will be captivated by the dazzling beauty of World Heritages such as Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang Caves, Hoi An Ancient Town…But it is unpopular destinations of Vietnam that make tourists surprised, for example, Da Lat city.

Ha Long Bay - one of the new seven wonders of natural world

Ha Long Bay – one of the new seven wonders of natural world

With the long coastline, Vietnam is world-renowned with gorgeous beaches like Nha Trang, My Khe, Mui Ne and so on. The blending of blue sea, white sand, warm sunshine and salty air makes these beaches become tropical tourism paradises in Southeast Asia. Besides, it is a major shortcoming if we overlook majestic mountains, spectacular waterfalls, rainforests,… Regardless of mountains or oceans, the natural scenery is pristine, poetic and full of vitality. Therefore, to travel to Vietnam, you will reward yourself a true holiday.

  1. Superb cuisine

This is one of the leading factors of Vietnam tourism in attracting visitors. The overwhelming majority of travelers are impressed with the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious enough to attract tourists

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious enough to attract tourists

The exquisite combination of Eastern spices creates unique foods. “Pho”, “Banh mi”, “Bun cha”… You might not set foot on Vietnam yet, but perhaps you have ever heard of these names of food. It is no exaggeration to say that delicious foods play a vital role in developing Vietnam tourism.

  1. Hospitable natives

Vietnamese are well-known for smiles, optimism and sociability. They are so friendly that they are willing to make friends, help and take photos with tourists if they need.  

Friendliness is the biggest asset of Vietnamese

Friendliness is the biggest asset of Vietnamese

Friendliness is said to be the greatest asset of Vietnamese. So if you intend to travel to Vietnam, there is no need to worry much about cultural differences. Locals will help you with all their enthusiasm and kindness.

  1. Safe and peaceful

Security seems to be the top concern of backpackers when they travel to every country. If you are a woman and travel alone, Vietnam is a right choice due to the safety of this land. Security problems including terrorism or political instability won’t affect your journey to discover new things.

Safe and peaceful - That's feelings of visitors about Vietnam

Safe and peaceful – That’s feelings of visitors about Vietnam

Furthermore, the serene beauty of villages or outskirt areas is also attractive enough to make you love this Eastern country.

  1. Unique culture

Despite being a small country on the world map, Vietnam is still proud of its own unique culture. The image of Vietnamese women in ao dai (traditional costume) leaves a deep mark on foreigners. There are also numerous traditional festivals in Vietnam every season of the year, which gives chances for you to understand more about the quintessence of an Asian culture.

Ao dai - The traditional costume symbolic of Vietnamese culture

Ao dai – The traditional costume symbolic of Vietnamese culture

54 peoples with distinctive features of customs and habits certainly bring you unforgettable experiences in your lifetime.

  1. Easy to reach other tourist spots

Developed tourism and transportation allow visitors to approach all of places they want. You can choose a suitable mode of transport for your trip like bike, motorbike or bus…

From Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang City or Highlands, Northwest region, you can reach every destination to discover and experience more.

Besides, to travel to Vietnam is also convenient since this nation is the connecting point with nearby countries. From here, you can easily move to Laos, Cambodia, China or even Thailand by bus.

It may take us much time to list reasons why tourists should travel Vietnam. But I’ve helped you do that with 7 reasons above. Let’s prepare for a trip to this fascinating country and experience all things yourself!