72h Wandering in Binh Thuan- the Land of Sun and Wind (Part 1)

Binh Thuan, a province in the South central coast, has a stretching geography. In particular, Binh Thuan borders Ninth Thuan to the Northwest, borders Lam Dong province to the north, the region southern and southwestern regions border Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Dong Nai respectively.72h Wandering in Binh Thuan- the Land of Sun and Wind.

The topography is especially blessed with forests, sand dunes, islands… by nature. All of them make Binh Thuan turn into the land having great strengths of tourism. Below is a suggested schedule for visitors to explore Binh Thuan in 72 hours.

Wandering in Binh Thuan

Le Hong Phong Bridge in Binh Thuan Center

Day 1: Saigon – Ta Cu – Ke Ga – Phan Thiet

Conquering Ta Cu peak, visiting Ke Ga cape, walking the coastal city of Phan Thiet at night and enjoying the local specialties are the fun things that travelers need to take time to explore and learn in the first day setting foot on Binh Thuan

In the morning: conquering Mount Ta Cu

Ta Cu mountain is about 175 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors need to pass a road stretching more than 2km which takes about 2 hours of walking through the woods, mountains to come to the peak of 649 m above sea level. The road from Duoi (Lower) temple to Tren (Upper) temple, you will encounter the Sakyamuni Buddha reclining statue of 49m long.

Wandering in Binh Thuan SONG-LAM-THI-TICH-binh-thuan

The reclining statue of 49m long in Ta Cu Mountain

Conquering the mountain, watching the beautiful landscape stretching from the fields to the coast in a distance give visitors exciting experiences and mental health. You can also “fly” to the mountain by cable car system if you do not have much time and are not healthy enough to conquer the mountain by walking.


The road to Ta Cu peak

At noon: rest and have lunch

After the journey conquering Ta Cu, visitors can experience fatigue. Coming to Ke Ga sea to have lunch and rest is clever choice in term of space and price. Many dishes from simple, rustic to kinds of seafood are available in restaurants such as Trong Tam, Cay Dua (Pine apple tree) near Ke Ga lighthouse… A meal for groups of 4-6 people only costs about 300,000 VND with many dishes . Also, in this place, visitors can rent canoes to visit Ke Ga lighthouse nearby.

In the afternoon: visiting Ke Ga cape

After having lunch and taking a short rest, visitors should come to the next destination, Ke Ga sea and  the ancient lighthouse here. Ke Ga marine cape is quite beautiful with pristine white sand, beautiful rocks of strange shapes which are ideal for those who are keen on photography.

Ke Ga Sea in Binh Thuan | Wandering in Binh Thuan

Ke Ga sea and the beautiful ancient lighthouse

Majestic Ke Ga Lighthouse is recognized as the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam. To reach the lighthouse, you can rent a canoe or pannier boat. The cost of a canoe trip depending on the number of visitors (typically 50,000VND/ person). From the lighthouse, visitors will be completely conquered by the beauty of nature with fishing villages, rocks, sand dunes…. If you have abundance of time, you can watch the beautiful sunset reclining ball over the sea before departing for the city of Phan Thiet.

In the evening: strolling the city of Phan Thiet at night

After a day of discovery and conquest, the city of Phan Thiet will be the right place for you to relax and enjoy dinner. Cafes, restaurants on Pham Van Dong (Ca Ty river embankments) are full of delicious, unique food meeting the demand of the most discerning diners. Price of food range from 30,000 VND to 80,000 VND for a dish.

The old water tower in Phan Thiet city - Wandering in Binh Thuan

The old water tower in Phan Thiet city

After dinner, you can stroll on the embankment to watch the old water tower, Le Hong Phong bridge crossing Ca Ty river in the shimmering lights before resting, prepare for a new journey in the next day.

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