72h Wandering in Binh Thuan- the Land of Sun and Wind (Part 2)

Day 2: Phan Thiet – Bau Trang – Co Thach – Mui Ne

After breakfast, visitors can walk on rocky steeps visiting the ruins of Po Sah Inu tower on Ba Nai hill to study about the culture, distinctive architecture of Champa people remain. From the hilltop, seeing Phu Hai fishing village in the distance, listening to the melodious music echoing to the hill, everyone will feel the beauty of peaceful, quiet life, and all busy and worries of daily life seem to disappear.

Wandering in Binh Thuan

After visiting the Po Sah Inu Cham tower, you should take advantage of early sun which is not scorching to explore Bau Trang, Bau Sen. The best time to explore these two places is around 8:30am to 10am.

Bau Trang is surrounded by vast white sand dunes stretching white Bau Sen is beautiful with lotus planted by locals. It is endowed with two ponds which reduce the vast and dry feature of the desert region. The paparazzi can freely satisfy their creativeness, or the young dynamic people can hire terrain bicycle to conquer and explore the white sand dunes.

Wandering in Binh Thuan

Noon: resting to avoid the sun and having lunch

In the afternoon: visiting Co Thach Pagoda, seeing the sunset in seven- color stone bank

Co Thach Pagoda is a unique architectural complex. Religion and culture architecture of Co Thach Pagoda is longstanding and have spiritual values, spiritual. It takes about an hour to visit all the premises of the temple. Visiting Ca Duoc beach (Co Thach seven- color stone bank) near the temple is definitely a not to be missed choice. Like the other beaches, Co Thach sea in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, is very beautiful with blue water.

The main attraction of the beach is the colorful pebble beach where people often call gravel beach. The stone bank in Co Thach is recognized as the most colorful stone bank in Vietnam. Walking on barefoot here is also considered the hot stone treatment in spa. Wandering and waiting for the sun setting towards the foot of the hill, watching the sunset over the stones will be unforgettable experiences.

Wandering in Binh Thuan

In the evening: strolling Mui Ne beach, enjoying seafood

After seeing sunset, leaving Co Thach, visitors will return to Mui Ne to rest after a day roaming and discovering. Known as ” the paradise resort of the South”, Mui Ne is the clever choice for a night’s rest here to watch the dawn in the next morning. Walking in the beach at night, listening to the waves lapping the shore and enjoying seafood in the fishing village will leave a romantic mark in the tourists.

Day 3: Mui Ne – Lagi – Ham Thuan – Saigon

In the morning: having breakfast, resting and relaxing

You should get up early and find yourself a nice viewing angle, leaning against coconut trees along the coast quietly watching the sun slowly rising in the distance. After that, you come back to the hotel to have breakfast and devote the whole morning to rest and swim in the sea. Soaking in the blue sea water, walking on the stretching sandy shore are the best and quickest ways to recharge the energy.

Noon: visiting and having lunch in Lagi district

After leaving Mui Ne, on the return trip, visitors can stop in Lagi district to go sightseeing and have lunch. Lagi is in its development but it still keeps rustic, unspoiled features. You can visit the fishing village, seafood market and choose your favorite foods to cook dishes for lunch.

In the afternoon: visiting dragon fruit gardens in Ham Thuan Nam, coming back to HCMC

Dragon fruit is named the tree that help peasants in Ham Thuan Nam “escape from poverty and get rich”. From the trees which were originally planted as ornamental trees because of its beautiful trunks, flower and suitable for harsh arid climate, dragon fruit has become economic resources for households employed in agriculture in this area.

Note: How to get to Binh Thuan

Visitors can come to Phan Thiet by personal vehicles such as motorcycles and cars for flexibility in moving and visiting. You can also travel by bus on route Saigon – Phan Thiet of brands like Phuong Trang, Mai Linh … Or, to save time, you can travel by trains. The journey takes about 3.5 hours on the route SPT2 departing daily at 6:50am from Saigon station and arriving in Phan Thiet at 10:30am.

Part one : 72h Wandering in Binh Thuan- the Land of Sun and Wind

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