Recommendation for 5 Interesting Destinations for First-Time Backpackers in Myanmar

With thousands of ancient pagodas and unique landscapes stretching over the country, Myanmar brings tourists, including backpackers in Myanmar, a tranquil atmosphere which cannot be found anywhere else.

5 Destinations for First-Time Backpackers in Myanmar

Inle Lake

Inle is the second largest fresh water lake in Myanmar situated in Shan State. Tourists often choose Nyaung Shwe town as a stopover because it is easy to hire a boat to explore landscapes as well as local life in surrounding villages. As one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar, Inle Lake is the most well known with fishermen and unique fishing method – rowing boat by one leg.

Backpackers in Myanmar

Although in recent years, tourism in the region has been developing strongly, this area still retains its natural beauty. Going to Inle, you will experience the feeling in floating houses, a perfect place for you to immerse in the stunning beauty nature.

Golden Rock

Golden Rock has Kyaiktiyo temple located on a mountain of about 1,100 meters high above sea level. This sacred stone lies on another stone with gold plated surface; it is adjacent to the edge of the mountain which seems to fall off at anytime.

golden rock

Traveling to Myanmar, you should spend 1 night here, to hear the tinkling sound of wind chimes, the buzz of prayers. You will find the peacefulness and relaxation in your soul.


The name of Mandalay city easily makes tourists feel the quietness and gentleness, but this city is truly busy with a lot of fascinating activities taking place on streets.


Just stepping out of the hotel and wandering in the streets of Mandalay, you will know your decision is absolutely correct. The city not only attracts you by the bustling markets with a variety of street food, or the beauty of ancient architectures, but also the cheerfulness of the people here. In addition, the Mandalay is highlighted by the picturesque bridge of Ubein in the ancient village of Amarapura.


Myanmar’s former capital of Yangon is one of the most attractive destinations when traveling in Asia. Visiting this place, you will be completely conquered by blue lakes, shady parks and lush tropical plants.

shwedagon pagoda in yangon

Besides the impressive beauty of the gold-plated Shwedagon Pagoda, you will also be extremely surprised by the variety of excellent hotels and restaurants in Yangon. Even, the bustling nightlife of the city will make you delighted.


With a huge number of massive Buddhist temples built by the Pagan kings over the centuries, there is no doubt to assure that Bagan is one of the great archaeological sites on Earth.


With remaining 2,220 Buddhist temples, you are free to explore. The temples are located close to each other, so you can explore the region by different means of transport such as biking, walking, taking bus, tuk tuk or ballooning.

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