Beyond Sightseeing: Top Reasons Why Myanmar Should Be Your Next Stop

Myanmar is always a favourite destination for international tourists during their holidays in Asia thanks to many understandable reasons. Beyond visiting a wide range of charming destinations, following are some top reasons why this beautiful country should be your next stop.

1. Traditional culture and customs
Paying a visit to Myanmar, you will surely be amazed by colorful Burmese traditional dress including longyi (for men) and tamain (for women). They are well designed with special patterns and sold at a never-better price in many local markets in Myanmar. Although it is easy to wear, you still have to ask the seller to help you because of the difference of men’s and women’s styles.
Another interesting traditional products of Burmese people is Thanaka. This is a kind of natural make-up dry cream made from the self-titled plant, which helps to protect your skin from sunlight, and strengthen it.

2. Friendly People
Another thing that you will never forget is the friendliness of Burmese people. If you ever left your map or other valuable objects on the bus or public places, then you will hardly lose them.
Furthermore, if you want to ask local people the way to any tourist spots or roads in Myanmar, they are always willing to help you with big smiles on their face.

3. An Enormous Development of Buddhism
Once setting foot in Myanmar, paying a visit to Buddhist temples is the best way to explore the unique culture of this beautiful country. Indeed, wherever you go in Myanmar, you will see Pagodas of all shapes and sizes including the most beautiful and famous ones: Shwedagon, Maha Muni, Swezigon etc.
During your Yangon tours, you can easily ride your bicycle from a pagoda to the others, offering you the chance to slowly contemplate the beauty of architecture, people, unique local customs.

4. Special Festivals
Just like the other Asian countries, Myanmar owns a wide range of traditional festivals that offers you the chance to learn more about this country and gain brand new experiences.

One of the most important festival in Myanmar is Thingyan festival, occurring in the beginning of the new year. In this festival, people splash the others with water, which is believed to clean all of the misfortune and bad things of the previous year. This is not only a full-of-fun festival but also a chance for Burmese people to strengthen their relationships to welcome an upcoming year.
Another exciting one is Traditional music festival, where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind performances from a wide range of traditional musical instruments and skillful local artists. What is more, you also have a chance to admire many charming traditional dances that you might have never seen before.

Photo: Luxurymyanmarrivercruises

5. Unique Cuisine
Once arrived in Myanmar, you will easily recognize a unique and diverse culinary culture. There are many dishes that you have never tasted before such as Shan noodle, Parata cake, lephet – a special salad from tea leaves, cabbage and vegetable etc.
Seafoods in Myanmar is simply out of this world – always fresh and coming with affordable prices.
A trip to some night markets in Yangon will also guarantees you a culinary heaven. Check out our tours here: