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Explore and Conquer The Peak of Vung Tau – Little Mountain

Dubbed as one of the “blue dragons” of Vung Tau along with the Big Mountain, the Little Mountain not only contributes to sheltering and covering, bringing peace and tranquility to Vung Tau but also help the city more beautiful. Coming to Vung Tau – Little Mountain, visitors will enjoy the panoramic sea and Vung Tau City in the “sky” with two famous sites: Statue of Christ and Lighthouse of Vung Tau.

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The Little mountain of Vung Tau is also called Tao Phung Mountain, located near the easternmost shore of Vung Tau City. The foot of the Little mountain is surrounded by the two most beautiful coastal road Vung Tau Ha Long Road and Thuy Van. Little mountain is 170m high, total area is about 120ha. Little Mountain has two peaks. Of which, the highest peak is the Lighthouse of Vung Tau and the lower one has the Statue of Christ. Both Mount of the Little Mountain and the two buildings attached are all unique and attractive Vung Tau tourist sites, attracting many visitors every year.

Hai Dang Vung Tau

Developed by the French in 1862, the Lighthouse of Vung Tau plays an important role in signaling and pointing ships across the Vung Tau waters. At first, Lighthouse Vung Tau lies at an altitude of 149m above sea level at Mount Little. But in 1913, the Lighthouse was rebuilt to another location nearby, but it was 21 meters above the old location. To date, the Lighthouse of Vung Tau is considered one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general. Long ago, the Lighthouse of Vung Tau together with the Statue of Christ and Shakyamuni have become the famous symbols of Vung Tau tourism. To find out more about Shakyamuni Buddha, visitors can refer to the article “Shakyamuni Buddha – symbol of tourism Vung Tau over half a century.”

Hai Dang Vung Tau 18m high, 3m in diameter, is built in the shape of tower and painted white. Inside of Lighthouse Vung Tau there is a spiral staircase leading to the top. At the top there is a system of lights with the same lens. In particular, near the top there is a small door leading to the balcony. From the balcony, visitors can admire panoramic panorama of Vung Tau City on high.

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The road from the foot of Mount Miner leading up to the Lighthouse of Vung Tau is now quite wide and has been paved. Slightly steep but easy to go. Most vehicles from motorbike to car can be reached. In addition to visiting the lighthouse, visitors can also see and photograph the area around the foot of the lighthouse or on the way. The scenery here is very beautiful.

Christ statue

Besides the Lighthouse of Vung Tau on Little Mountain, visitors can not ignore a very famous works that is the statue of Christ – one of the symbols associated with the beautiful city of Vung Tau. The Statue of Christ (or Giant Statue) is a statue of Jesus built on the lower (one of the two highest peaks) of the Little Mountain. In 2012, the Statue of Christ Vung Tau set the record for “Asia’s largest statue of Jesus.”

The statue of Christ was built by the Catholic Church in 1974. After the completion of the first phase, it was suspended due to the war. By 1992, licensed by Ba Ria – Vung Tau People’s Committee, the Statue of Christ was continued to be restored, built and perfected. Since its inauguration on December 1, 1994, the monument of Christ the King has become a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. Vung Tau tours almost always bring the Statue of Christ on the schedule.

The statue of Christ has a total height of 32m. The longest width of the statue is the 18.4m wide arm. The statue is placed on a pedestal block, around carved images of the famous God and 12 apostles. Inside the statue is a staircase of 133 steps, a spiral that leads up to the neck of the statue. From here, visitors can step out the statue’s arm to admire beautiful Vung Tau from above. Standing in the hands of the Statue of Christ with the sea breeze, will certainly give visitors an unforgettable feeling.

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From the gate of the monument to Christ the King , it’s about 1000 stone steps. To reach the statue of Christ the visitor can only take the ladder. On the way, there are regular stops for visitors to rest and enjoy sightseeing.

In addition to two famous places of worship, the Lighthouse of Vung Tau and the Statue of Christ can take visitors to the “sky” of Vung Tau, at the foot of the small mountain with many restaurants, eateries and coffee with very nice sea view. Travel Vung Tau – Small Mountain, visitors can stop at these restaurants to enjoy the specialties of Vung Tau, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the full sea flavor of the sea of Vung Tau. 

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