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Authentic Interaction with Local People in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Today’s travellers who travel to Vietnam seek to interact with the communities they visit and local people in Ninh Binh is one of the greatest ones to have an authentic interaction.

Not Only the Landscape but also the Friendly Local People in Ninh Binh

First of all, meeting local people is essential for this interaction. In Ninh Binh, nothing is easier. By walking on the street, taking a boat trip or going to the local village, you can easily meet Vietnamese people. For example, the boat trip is a perfect experience to admire incredible landscape and on the same way to talk with the boat owner to know more about Vietnam culture, locals’ habits,… They’ll be extremely happy to share their knowledges with you!

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You can also going to some local village, like Kim Son Village, the place where few Vietnamese people made sedge handicraft. At this place, while you’re watching them making the sedge handicraft with the traditional techniques, you can ask them many questions about the techniques, the reasons why they keep working in traditional way or also more general questions about life in Vietnam. In addition, you can cross many kids in the street who would like to say “Hello” to you. A funny moment where the nice kids just interpellate you and smile at you.

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Local People in Ninh Binh are Also Skilful Fishers

To continue, you can enjoy local experience such as fishing or trying to make sedge handicraft. To explain, during your boat trip, you can try to catch some crabs by checking the cage put in the water. Those cages are here to trap crabs if they enter inside. You also can discover a new typical Vietnamese fishing technique where people, inside the water, with a battery floating behind them, shock fishes with the electricity. After this, you’ll be “the fishing’s King”.

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Finally, you’ll have the chance to explore amazing temples where Vietnamese people like to come to pray. This time will be a good chance for you to observe them but also, to interact with the local population to know more about the Buddhist tradition. A great moment to talk about faith and also about the close relationship between Vietnamese and Buddha.

local people in ninh binh

To conclude, if you are looking for a truly experiences with many interaction with the local people, Ninh Binh is the place you are looking for. My Ninh Binh tour from Hanoi was for me a perfect occasion to know more about Vietnamese culture and habits and also enjoying the welcomes of those people. The paradise is in Vietnam and it is Ninh Binh!

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» Author: Dylan Hillion

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