Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa Travel Guide

Ripe rice season is not only found in Mu Cang Chai, Sapa or Hoang Su Phi, but also seen in an equally brilliant place where not many people know. It’s Pu Luong (Vietnamese name is Pù Luông).

May- June and September – October: The best time to visit Pu Luong

Pu Luong – the name of a national nature reserve located on the territory of two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa province. Those who like “wandering” should come to Pu Luong to enjoy a taste of the wild jungle, to visit the place where has not been exploited for tourism, to enjoy the terraced fields interspersed in the area of primary forest.

Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa Travel Guide

You should visit Pu Luong in the two most beautiful periods of the year: May- June or September – October. The time of May- June is the start of a new crop of rice, you can see green rice fields interwoven with yellow ripe rice fields, enjoy the cool air in the summer or the light mist in the early morning. September- October is the best time of ripening rice, the peaceful mountain suddenly becomes brilliant, rich, nature and seems to be covered with a attractive yellow color.

Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa Travel Guide

In order to reach Pu Luong, you should travel by motorbike, as the roads to the village are narrow and very protruding, just enough for two motorcycles to transport, and cars can not move. Therefore, Pu Luong is known as a tourist destination with many challenges for backpackers.

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There are two ways to reach Pu Luong. The first one is to go through Mai Chau and Lac village, then ask for the road to Highway 15C to come to Pu Luong. The second way is to go from Thanh Hoa, through Cam Thuy then turn to highway 15C to Pu Luong. Since there are two access roads from both sides, when going to Pu Luong, young people often go on a road and return on another one, because there are many places to visit along the way. If you have time, you should visit Cam Thuy fish stream. Or, when passing Van Dinh, let’s visit Quan Son if it’s in lotus season because Quan Son is a beautiful lotus pond.

Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa Travel Guide

Challenging roads

The estimated time for a “backpacking” trip to Pu Luong is fairly short, usually only in 2-3 days. You can depart for Mai Chau from Hanoi at 6:30pm on Friday, have dinner in Luong Son and stay in stilt house  in Lac village – a popular tourist destination located in the valley of Mai Chau, about 140 km from Ha Noi.

If you travel in large groups and in the evening, you should comply strictly with some rules of travelling such as the provision the group leader who is responsible for navigating and maintaining the stable speed of the group and one person to go at last to ensure that no one is left. Additionally, travelers must wear reflective clothing, stick reflective tape on the backpack, hat or vehicles, protective equipment and each motorbike should keep the distance of 20m- a safe distance to timely deal with dangers.

Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa Travel Guide

In the second day of the journey, you will have the opportunity to welcome the dawn in Lac village, eat chicken soup, walk around the fields outside the village and take unique photographs. Then do not forget to fill the petrol tank before moving to Pu Luong.

The schedule of the second day will be: Lac village – Highway 15C – Poong Stream – Kho Muong – Pho Doan- Nua village- Cao Hong village – Kit village. After crossing the dirt roads and bumpy streams, you will reach the last stop- Kho Muong, the place surrounded by yellow ripe rice fields.

On the way to Pho Doan, do not forget to visit Hieu village waterfall. We will see the suspension bridge with the water wheels characteristics of Thai ethnic people. The road to Kit village is really a challenge for drivers with narrow steep roads and constant slopes. Kit Village is a remote and distant place, located deep in Pu Luong nature reserve. Rice paddies in Kit village  are interspersed in the mountains, when the sun shines, the sunlight form the beam making people think that the scene is both real and unreal.

The House of Ethnic People on trekking tour in Pu Luong

In the third day, you should go back on the route of Kit village – Pho Doan – Cam Thuy – Ho Chi Minh road- Van Dinh – Hanoi. The road from Pho Doan to Hanoi is very easy to move with not many vehicles. This road can be considered as the most relaxing part of the journey …

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