Top 4 Beautiful 5-Star Resorts near Hanoi

The resorts near Hanoi have no advantage of the position of being near the beaches but they are quite easy to travel, and tourists can choose to stay with short tour or on weekends. Danang, Hoian, Phan Thiet are often favorite places of many tourist on the summer holiday. However, if you don’t have much time, you can refer some suggestions below:

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Resort is divided into many villas with diffrent types of rooms and prices such as Forest Villa, Hilltop Villa, Lakeview Villa, Bach Thanh Villa, Anh Vu Villa, Do Quyen Villa. You can choose bungalow or villa with view overlooking the forest, and the lake with the price ranging from 97.09 USD/ night.

resorts near Hanoi

Here, the whole family can have a biking together around the lake or take a walking in the forests. In addition, the resort also has services such as restaurant, bar, yacht, fishing for visitors to experience and relax.

This famous resort is situated along the Dai Lai lake, Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc, about 45km from the city center of Hanoi. Thanks to the convenient location and green space with hills, pine forests and lakes surrounding, the resort is preferred by many families having young children.

FLC VinhThinh Resort

Also located in Vinh Phuc, this resort is the new name emerged recently that attracts lot of attentions of tourists in Hanoi. The resort has 40 Deluxe rooms with view overlooking the garden or lake and 15 luxury bungalows, each of bungalow has 2-3 private bedrooms, common living room that is very suitable for large families or many different couples traveling together.

resorts near Hanoi 2

One of the plus points of this resort is the kids’ play spacedesigned both indoor and outdoor. The children can be free to have fun with active, unique and safe games while parents relax and enjoy. As a new resort and just far away Hanoi within 1hr travel by car so it is often run out of room. Thus, you should book in advance or avoid going holiday on weekends. The lowest price is ranging from 61.78 USD for a night. Address: Khu Trung, National Highway 13, Vinh Thinh, Vinh Tuong, Vinh Phuc.

Emeralda Resort & Spa Ninh Binh

Resort is located near Van Long lagoon- the scene background for shooting the blockbuster film”Kong”: Skull Island, about 2hr-drive from Hanoi. One of the highlights of this resort is the style of the country in Vietnam from indoor furniture to the scenery surrounding. Therefore, you will not see the modern bungalows, and instead, you will find tiled houses, yellow walls such as ancient houses of Tonkin Gulf. The open space inside with large and small windows overlooking the garden and hill surroundings creates the true relaxed feeling.

resorts near Hanoi 3

Here, you can rent a bike to go sightseeing around the resort and villages surrounding. Young children can also have fun in the private area or free to have swim in small and large pools. Apart from relaxing, many families cannot fail to visit famous sites nearby such as BaiDinh Pagoda, Trang An, Van Long lagoon… with the lowest price for hiring a room ranging from 123.56 USD. From Ninh Binh, you can also easily connect trip to Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

Resort Fusion Sam Son

This is a luxury resort with villas overlooking the beach, private swimming pool, located in Sam Son commune, ThanhHoa, about 3hr-drive from Hanoi. The garden of the resort is not too large as other ones, but it has romantic view overlooking the sea, the rooms here create the spacious space and the comfortable feeling for tourists.

resorts near Hanoi 4

The resort has heated swimming pool all year-round, so tourists can free to relax, swim in the warm water, even in the winter. The only minus point of the resort is that the resort has no private play area for children. The lowest price is ranging from 194.17 USD/room.

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