A Travel Guide to the Phoenix Ancient Town

Phoenix (Fenghuang) Ancient Town is so near! Direct flights from Vietnam will help you visit the town easily.

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Starting from a few photos albums on the internet, this fascinating sight in western Hunan province has attracted many young people. No on thinks that there’s a paradise existing right in a crowded country like.

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Phoenix (Fenghuang) Ancient Town, on the bank of Tuo Jiang River, is located in Fenghuang district, Zhangjiajie in western Hunan Province, China. This place has long been portrayed as a place of paradise with poetic mountain and river. Not only that, the little town also has strange charms for the love affection, where the couples after each trip often said: if you don’t travel to Phoenix town once in the life time with your love ones, you will regret.

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Zhangjiajie is also a tourist paradise with countless beautiful scenery from mountains, charming rivers to poetic valleys, wild forest. Especially, with majestic sandstone rock, this place is also known as “Pandora on Earth”. Pandora is the name of a lively living planet in the constellation of Alpha Centauri in the Avatar movie, known for its majestic scenery, harmony between clouds, sky, mountains and plants.

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Visit this land of color, visitors have the feeling of entering a mysterious world with the mountains rising up from the huge cloud valley … So, this place inspired and was used as background for the movie, contributing the success of the famous 3D movie in the world -Avatar …

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In particular, this tour also takes you to the glass bottom bridge at Tianmen Mountain. Even the name of this bridge is dramatic and scary – “Walk of Faith.” The bridge’s pavement is lined with crystal clear glass meandering at 1,430 meters at Thien Mon Mountain National Park, providing visitors with an unparalleled view of the beauty of nature.

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