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6 Reasons Why you Should Love Travel to Laos

For many travelers intending to travel to Southeast Asian countries, Laos is probably not the first priority, but if having a chance to visit the country, this beautiful land will give you many surprises. Let’s travel to Laos to see if the following things are right.

1. Delicious and diversified food

Exceptional characters of Lao cuisine are fresh with simple procedure but the taste is still very delicious and different. You are recommended to try the dishes such as: Laap, papaya salad, Lao noodle soup and greaves rolled with vegetables …

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Under the French influence during the war in the past, Lao dishes are often served with crispy bread. Finally, it’s a shortage if we don’t mention about the taste of beer Lao, a scrumptious fresh kind of beer. A great suggestion for you is drinking Beer Lao and enjoying the dishes we mentioned above, while watching the sunset over the Mekong River. That will be an experience that you never forget.

2. The gentle and friendly people

Actually there are very few places in the world where people are happy to welcome you so warmly as in Laos, and you’ll quickly realize upon entering into the territory of this country. Most of tourists who have been here share a comment that Lao people are very enthusiastic and comfortable, they can bring you peace of mind and a lot of laughter. Therefore, do not be surprised when you get a good-hearted people inviting into his home to share stories, with a hot cup of tea or a glass of rice wine.

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3. Serene and beautiful landscape

You will definitely be “mesmerized” by the beauty of the meandering Mekong River, which flows through the dense forests and the impressive limestone mountains. In addition, Laos also has a system of caves and majestic waterfalls, along with the lush terraced fields – the beauty will bring you comfort and peace.

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4. Life on the Mekong river

Being a landlocked country, it’s easy to understand why Mekong river is considered the soul of Laos. If you have the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip downstream, especially at dusk, you can see the small villages where the daily livelihoods of people drifting on water. The majority of people in Laos live in rural areas, and rivers are where they can connect and support each other.

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5. The ancient temples

Though not owning many magnificent temple complexs like Cambodia, the temples in Laos were designed uniquely and very creatively. Most Laotians are Buddhists, so you will easily encounter an impressive temple on the road during your discovery. Best place for you to visit the temple system in Laos is Luang Prabang – the beautiful ancient city of heritage.

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6. An ideal place to carry out the adventures

Travel to Laos, and you know that the exciting adventures are enclosed in your own hands. It offers a lot of choices for exploring travelers who love adventure trips, especially climbing, canoeing, caving, biking terrain … With mountain biking experience through the trails, you will have the opportunity to exploring the secret waterfalls, lush lagoons, and the village inhabited by the ethnic minorities, with unique and fun touches.

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